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  1. I was recently informed that my town was named shroom capital of the world by High Times. Turns out my highschool is next to the best shroom field in the world. If you get spotted picking there they shoot you with salt pelets on site. I do however know of a few places where they dont really mind. As long as you don't have them in your hands, they don't say anything. You can just kick them along in some places.

    My question is, how do I make sure I don't grab the wrong ones?
    I've heard of people just walking through the pastures picking and eating whatever they can find, but I'd rather not take that chance.
  2. You definitely don't want to randomly eat any mushroom you see. You'll probably end up in a hospital.

    Google a couple of names of shrooms that you know will make you trip. Then get a bunch of different pictures, and build from there.

    Try Wikipedia too.
    that should help and the ones you want to pick should have a blue ring around the stalk were the cap was closed and if you pinch a piece of it should turn blue.or find someone whos done shrooms and ask them.
  4. you lucky dog! ive never heard of one single shroom field near me. happy hunting and dont take any chances with poison ones.
  5. Grain fed cows will produce the right kind of mushrooms. Other then that, just make em yourself. It's too easy.
  6. what town would that be?

  7. Exactly. I want to go back to Guatemala and get my own ranch and raise a bunch of cows just for that sole purpose. Haha but like you said you can just as easily make them yourself. Im looking to try and grow some soon.
  8. I don't know the exact figure, but as I recall, Bear Grylls said that something like 80% of all wild mushrooms are poisonous to some degree. Every time smart people talk about it, they say don't pick mushrooms unless you really know what you're doing. Some people will determine themselves to be experts after 1 or 2 trips, but I'm talking more along the lines of formal training in mushroom identification.
  9. Your pretty damn lucky.:)
  10. If it's got a golden cap, leaves a purple spore print, and bruises blue then chances are that they are okay. You can always go over to shroomery and take pictures and they will tell you. I would just look for the blue bruising that shows up almost immediately, and then take the caps and put them on a piece of paper for 24 hours, and if they leave a purple spore print I'd gobble them shits up.
  11. so what town is it again so next time i vacation in florida i can make a stop there to supplement my trip with a different kind of trip
  12. what town you in man? im in gainesville and i got some wicked cow feilds around me that on good day i can get 3-4 plastic publix bags full

    heres a tip go hunting the day after it rains there should be tons of huge caps

  13. damn right, if i were you id make perfectly sure i know which ones you want before you even touch them

    most mushrooms are poisonous, some so much thatll youll be dead in a couple of hours if you eat it

    so make sure you know EXACTLY which ones you want
  14. what he said
  15. There is a cow field by my friends house in NH. I'm in no way knowlagable about Shrooms however one day we went searching. We found these little all-white mushrooms in cow shit, some kid nearby said they were pre-mature or some crap so we threw them out. How do I know when to go looking for these things?
  16. umm if im not mistaken you poison yourself either way when u eat em. thats why you trip, from your stomach being posioned so your mind flips out, good shit tho, i wish we had a shroom field, i would never make it out.
  17. dont pick mushrooms its not worth it, u can die, and think about how great that would be! dont be an idiot,
  18. its not THAT easy to grow shrrooms right?
  19. If it is growing in or around cow shit, and bruises blue when you pick it , you can be 99.9% positive it is a psilocybin.
  20. Nope it isn't, a microscopic spec of dust can ruin your entire crop.

    You can do it though, check out shroom talk forums.

    It is easier then growing marijuana imo, cleansliness is the hardest part.

    You gotta be wearing rubber gloves, doctor's mask, clean clothing, scrub your body down to remove any dead skin before hand -- stuff like that.

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