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Shroom Age limit?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by The Journey Man, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. Im not sure where to put this but I will give it a go and hope to get a friendly response.

    4-5 months ago my friends got shrooms. We did it all foward til now. My friend tells me he has a bunch left over.

    Is it safe to ingest shrooms that are old. They were kept in prime location. Dark and room temp. They have no bad mold on them they look the exact same they did when we got them/

    Should we go ahead with it ?? Its hard to get them around here so I dont want them to go to waste.

    Journey man

  2. Thats fucked up

    and to the OP sorry I know nothing about shrooms so I cant help you
  3. I\'ve stored cubes at room temperature for eight plus months and they still work fine though I think the potency is starting to diminish. If I\'d frozen them I\'m sure they would have been right strong even now.

  4. Ya thats what he wants to do, grow up man, Giving kids drugs is totally wrong. Specially when they don\'t know any better you should be banned. People like you are the ones who make us smokers look bad.
  5. they\'ll just be less potent. I ate 1 year old frozen shrooms and still had a nice trip with an 1/8th.
  6. i hope you were joking
  7. pretty sure he\'ll get the banstick if he doesn\'t clarify.
  8. youll get banned for talking about getting animals/little kids fucked up, just givin ya a heads up maybe change your post before a mod sees
  9. Thats pretty fucked. An 8 year old?? Thats really fucked. I hope thats a joke. A bad one at that.
  10. Psylociben should be a bit less potent, say if you normally get off on an eigth, try to up it to 5 grams and you\'ll be golden. hope that helps!
  11. Theyll be fine. I\'ve kept shrooms for up to a year, with little drop in potency.

    As long as they were dry, and they have no mold/ arent slimey, you can enjoy them.

  12. LOL you think tthats bad i once gave ***** to a * year old omg he was so fooked lol.:hello:

    yeh your mushies should be ok if they were kept well.
  13. someone please assure me that I\'m not the only one who guffawed at this post
  14. did you read the rest of the thread??? LOL
  15. Guffawed haha i love that word i can\'t believe you said it.
  16. I think the 2 people who posted about getting 8 year-olds \"fucked up\" should be immediately banned... and should seek some fuckin help... what the hell is wrong with you two? I seriously hope you were kidding...
  17. I think he was.. who would give an 8 year old alcohol with weed.
  18. lol i was sooo baked when i posted that and then the whole thread was just quotes of me. lol luving those hazy summer daze.
  19. Bro. Not cool.

    -rep and reporting that post. There\'s nothing else to say, that\'s just not cool.
  20. EDIT: i thought he was joking. But i still do need to make some of that

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