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  1. Alright I am picking up a fourth of Shrooms on Friday and this would be my first experience with mushrooms. I have experienced LSD and Peyote but not shrooms. So I am looking for advice on what dosage I should take the first time, what might I expect from the trip etc.

  2. eat all of it!!!!!!! other wise eat a slice to your face
  3. 2 grams should be good. It's more of a magical weird trip than 'cid.

    If you feel you can handle 3.5, you could go for it, but you really never know how strong they are. I suggest eating ~2 grams first, then eat more if you need them.
  4. if your experienced with acid and peyote you shouldnt have a problem
    take a whole eighth and if you want to make a story take the whole quarter :cool:
  5. I would suggest a slice then you have a good amount for two times
  6. Don't listen to anyone saying eat the entire quarter. You don't know the potency, so therefore that could end up really fucking bad. I ate a quarter without using my head, and i had a complete ego death and started freaking out think i was dying. Not fun dude, not fun.
  7. Split it in half and have fun twice or split it with a friend. Same rules apply as to acid. Set and setting!
  8. I would suggest first you put this in pandoras box. then eat an eighth.
  9. An eighth for sure, safe good amount and will definately get the job done. :)
  10. I would go with an eighth. I ate 2 grams my first time and had a good trip, but nothing as euphoric as my 3.5g trip. I want to tell you about it really, but this isn't the place for trip reports... But basically (as I can't help myself) I did them with my band, we all deconstructed our egos, danced in a magical dreamland and now we're making the best music and art we ever have.

    But be ready for a more philosophical (If you're like me) trip than with acid. Make sure you're with intelligent people who you can closely relate to. But if you've done peyote than you should be giving me advice!
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    I'de go with 3.5 to 4.5 grams AND SMOKE WEED WITH IT!!!!! I'd just eat them straight without lime juice wait about 35 min. and smoke a bowl. Not necicary, but I'd buy some OJ to drink on your trip, makes it a bit more effective. Also try to do it with a friend who has before, and have someone there that didnt take any. I've had nothing but great experiences with shrooms, Have fun.:)
  12. I've never smoked while on them, does it enhance the trip or what?
  13. This is good advice. you should try smoking a bowl of shrooms. the high is quick but nice head man
  14. This is good advice. you should try smoking a bowl of shrooms. the high is quick but nice head man
  15. The stuff I get and its cubes, an 1/8 is way too much for a first timer. I eat half that and I

    am tripping good. Kid ate 4.5gs of em and had ego death so just watch it.
  16. dont go into it thinking you shouldnt be doing this at this time, thats what happend to me when i was 15 and my mom found out and my mom really bitched me out. Put it on reeses pieces, all ucan taste is the chocolate, how was peyote btw, i was alwasy curious about it.
  17. If you're experienced with LSD and Peyote go for the full eighth. You'll appreciate you did. My first time me and my buddy both ate an eighth a-piece.
  18. + Rep all good advise.
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    Over here in the UK its shroom season,and where i am right in the valley they grow everywhere.
    When i was younger me and a mate would go picking for 1hr or 2 and come away with a few thousand shrooms,which we would then take back to his pad and brew up a 1000+ between the 2 of us,then if we could,nt find a decent strainer he would take off his sock for us to strain it through,then throw the fucked up sock full of strain shrooms down the bottom of the garden.The shroom tea used to look like treacle (but tasted fuck all like it)and it would take about 15 mins to kick in,the quickest was stone cold out of a ltr bottle it was like drinking black egg yolk and took about 5 mins to kick in and really got intense very quickly.
    One time When times got hard and we wanted a trip out of season,we'd go down the garden looking for the socks,found a few that had been chewed at by rats,so i would imagine at some time there were some fucked up tripping rats roaming round his garden.
    Anyway back to the point of this thread,first time is take a 1/4 of what your getting,if the trips to light,then u know for next time on what to take,and yeh i'd say a smoke or some vals/mazi's would be nice to have for the come down
    Shrooms espec in the amounts i used to take give a much cleaner visual,heavier trip compared to acid,but at my age now i don't think my head could handle an intense trip,a strawberry tab would be about as far as my head could go now,but i'd still have to be in the right mood and nothing on my mind before i even thought about doing 1 now.
    Anyway whatever amount u take,enjoy the trip.

    if your ever on holiday in the UK ( around this time of year,ask directions for machen mountain,or the tump and pick yourself a load.

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