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  1. So im thinking about getting shrooms for me and this girl ill be hanging out with. I know cool chick right hah, but anyway.. neither of us have even done shrooms before and I was just wondering how much we should eat? and where to go or what to do? Is it safe to drive or no?
  2. Go to and find their section on magic mushrooms. Read the FAQ's, Basic Info, Effects, and other relevant information. Have your girlfriend also read this or read it together. It will help you out in many ways, especially in terms of having a good trip. :)
  3. I say get an eighth each. Eat half, wait to peak and see where u guys are at, then decide if u want to eat the rest or not.

    I drove on an eighth of shrooms perfectly fine. IT WAS A TRIP! I was going about 20 mph tho cause i was trying to be cautious, but it aint like im going to fucking crash the car, i mean if you are able to focus yourself when fucked up then you could pull it off easily.

    I suggest taking car ride tho, have a sober driver if possible, its such a trip if you drive by trees at night.
  4. use some common sense man. its not safe to drive under the influence of anything..
  5. thanks for all the replies so far, I checked out that site and it had a lot of good info. But one thing I did not find on that site, how long does the high usually last? a lot longer than weed?
  6. bad decision dawg... did you see the thread about the guy who ate some shrooms a few days ago and tried to make a trip soon after ingestion? well, in case you missed it, he hit a light pole and and totally fucked up and car, broke his wrist too. not to mention put many other drivers and passengers at risk... horrible idea.
  7. yea around 4-6 hours. i've heard/read.
  8. so after reading this im not sure what we should do if it can last up to 7 hours? lol I dont want to drive since I dont know how it will affect me, so I was at first thinking ok, ill pick her up eat them when were close to the beach watch the waves then drive home, but not if it lasts thattt long haha any ideas on what to do? or what are your favorite things to do?
  9. camp on the beach? definitely do not drive.

  10. he must have ate more then? as long as you arnt visually gone from this reality, i don't see why anybody would crash unless they just suck to begin with

    i ate 3.5 of good shrooms, was visually fucked, but not literally gone, and i was following my buddy who said i was driving perfectly fine

    to each their own i guess, i mean i wouldn't recommend it, but if have to drive try and wait for your comedown
    I took them and an hour later a wizard began chasing me through the forest while he screamed something about "anal sex" (whatever that is), I ran and ran but before I knew it I was surrounded by men made of liquorish drinking liquor while jabbering about Obamas Inaguration, I joined their conversation but remebering the wizard and his oh so long wand that he tried jabbing into my but hole I quickly left the conversation. The liquorish men got angry telling me to stay and talk and show me some pictures of my private property that are private property. I ran but they followed close behind screaming "the faces! the faces! Its all in your mind! The faces! The Faces! Touching ventilation!" I cried out for racism! I needed it soooooo bad, but all I could see was men made of Jerry Tombo.

    kidding, take shrooms, it should be fun.
  12. You don't really need to plan out a trip, because no matter what you plan it's never going to go quite the way you envisioned it. You might do some of the stuff you wanted to do but there's no telling what kind of weird ideas and plans you're going to come up with while tripping.

    One of the weirdest and most unsettling things for people who aren't used to tripping is the feeling of not knowing what they should be doing. However, in every trip at some point you'll lay or sit back and realize that merely tripping can be quite an activity in itself and it's often best to just focus on that and explore what the drug has to offer.
  13. Hahaha. Thank you for taking my post and rewording it and making it orange! :p
  14. Oh haha. Oops. I didn't read all the responses before I posted.

    Time to delete.
  15. Ahh, no I didn't mean for you to do that. :(

    I think yours was better actually haha. I just found it funny that they hit the exact same points.
  16. Finding something to do is never a problem! Everything is so interesting on shrooms, wether you take a walk down the street. Go put a movie in or do anything you like! I wouldnt recomend driving on your first trip or well anytime your tripping.
  17. erowid is definately the way to go for information. As for driving bad idea. 3.5 is a good starting dose its wht me and a friend did the first time too. Places to go you dont need much but outdoors is much nicer than inside. Make sure you have the option of moving around becasue one of our problems was that my friends basement was too cramped and it was too cold to go outside again. I suggest smoking a bit of bud near your peaks to bring the high to a bit of a higher level, With 3.5 of decent shrooms youll have very nice visuals but wont loose control. Your body weight also makes a difference on how much you should take once again on erowid. Plan something out so you dont panic about what to do but dont ingrave it in stone. Let the trip take you and be positive going into it. Shrooms is one of my favorite experiences to this point as its not very harsh but at the same time unlike most other drugs.
  18. if you did it right, you won't/will be extremely hard to act sober

    your pupils will dilate to an extremely large size too.
  19. personally I like to grind my shrooms into powder and put them into 00 gel caps. each 00 capsule holds exactly 1/2 gram. its easier to regulate how much you're taking plus it speads out the psylocibin cuz not all of the shrooms contain the same amount even if from the same batch. plus no nausea or bloated feeling. it takes more time to do but then you can store your magic caps and take " as needed" lol. just remember to give yourself at least a week between usage otherwise it will take almost twice as much to get the same effect and that would be a waste.

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