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  1. Okay, so a buddy of mine and I got high today.. I mean blazed on chronic that was too supersonic, even by Seatle's standards. Well, I remember seeing this shit on Built To Shred where they made little shred boards with a ski and some random wood and shit. Me and my accomplice took some pieces of about 3/4" ply and jigsawed us out some decks and immediately took to carving some hills....

    Below are picture of the one I MacGuver'd today. I drilled the screws holding the trucks down too tight and it cracked the board all the way across. I had to add those little pieces of wood on the tail to hold shit together.... Tomorrow we're gonna work up some new shapes and see what we can do...

    Oh, and the dimensions are about 9" wide by about 33" lengthwise.... nice and sturdy might I add.



  2. Thats pretty sick, but isn't it just basically the same thing as a skateboard? without griptape?
  3. must be scary as fuuuuuck bombing gnarly hills without griptape,
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    Duuuuude, its not the same as a regular deck... Completely flat with no concave, no griptape, just made to be a rocket. This shit is gnarl-city all the way. It weighs a ton and its sketchy as hell trying to turn this monster. We went to the park and bombed the walkways going down towards the river. That shit was pretty scary. We still didn't put griptape on it cause its just more steezy that way.

    We ran into a bunch of people on nice, $150+ longboards and we were carving shit that was wayyyy gnarlier than what they would try. Must have been cause they were all too pussy for the shit we were grindin' out. Then we went and cruised through the ECU campus and people were asking us where we got them and if we had custom made them and shit....

    The one I took pictures of last night is the old one, I made another one today that's longer and a little less wide so it catches speed quite nicely. All I need now is some 60mm or larger wheels cause I'm riding on the 52mm Ricta's from my street board.

    Here's the new one we made today...I like the shape better:




    Next to my 7.65" x 32" street deck

  5. ha thats fuckin sick homie!!

    +rep man, even though its neutral

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