Shpongle. On another level?

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  1. Shpongle creates some of the craziest music I have ever heard. I was just wondering if anyone else here listens to them
  2. yeah man shpongles the shit.
  3. Gotta love when they throw in those little messages that you only catch when you're beyond fucked up.
  4. Do wah do D M T DO LSD. Epic lol. The Dorset Perception or Star shpongled banner is my favorite.
  5. Those are the two most famous songs son..explore
  6. Trust me I have explored. I'm just saying they are my favorites. I got to see Simon do a set in NYC. His live sets are insane. Almost overload.
  7. I read they were supposed to have a new album coming out in October.
  8. Finally Shpongle is @ Spotify!
  9. 'Shpongle Spores' is an amazing song:hello:
  10. agreed

    i personally love the song 'Monster Hit'
  11. yeah they're one of my favorites. i have all their shit
  12. I can't wait for the new album. Gotta get more of Raja's flute solos :D
  13. A friend showed me Divine Moments of Truth when we were fucked up on DMT. beyond insane.
  14. Absolutely love them.
    I want Raja Ram ans Simon to adopt me!!! cos i also make some psytrance type music...
    im going to see them in october, and yes thats when they are releasing a fourth album
    i will get it 2 weeks early!!

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