showing signs of hermie

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ulm, Jul 23, 2017.

  1. First indoor grow.

    My girls are 52 days into flower today and when lights came on I spotted what appeared to be a start of a seed on one of my lower buds which I had clipped and verefied it is. I have gone over the rest of the plants and they appear to be fine

    have no idea how it happened my temps/humidity/waterings have been on point
    im fairly certain there are no light leaks

    based on trichomes I was looking to harvest in about 8 days anyways
    is my crop ruined? should I cut them down now and hope for the best or wait the 8 more days?
  2. If you've only found one seed, I'd just thoroughly
    inspect the whole plant and if you don't find any
    more seeds or any bananas, wait out the 8 more
  3. For sure
    pretty devastating to see I put a lot of money and effort into this indoor thing
    trial and error though could it be possible my seeds were bad genetics?

    although hermie quality's in week 7 of flower it has to be something I did wrong?

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