Showing sex?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by onimus, Jan 26, 2011.

  1. Plant is about 40 days old since it sprouted. It's been in flowering for a week, (7) days now. And still no sign of sex. It has 120 actual watts of 2700k cfl on it. Should I be able to see sex by now? There really is no significant change other than it has grown about 2 inches in that week, which is nice. Help please, thanks.
  2. it can take up ta 2 weeks sometimes ta show up some pics if ya can...make sure your lights are close..if you think its growin now wait till should get 3 to 4 times taller than it is plan for that if heights a problem..good luck:smoke:
  3. You got a scope? Give it 3 more days and you should be able to tell
  4. deacon, you sir are high as shit. an we all know

    (- -)-)(-(- -)

    onimus its been 7 days :laughing: ... go smoke a bowl or something
    ancy pants.

    Do you want quicker responses to your questions?
    Do you crave for some instant enlightenment?
    Sometimes we just need another point of view.
    WEll now there is, Grow your own cannabis (R).
    Watch it grow and enjoy your time with the plant; one day it will be done. and then the sexy bitch you spent so much time watering will be dryed out bud. gone.
    Gurantee one day while your smoking a bowl of that o so good shit you yourself grew express strain your gonna be like, " i wish i had spent more time with you. "
    dont be that dude, dude :cool:

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