Showing sex at 9 days??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by A-Jay, Jun 9, 2004.

  1. I'm a first time grower so I was wondering...I have this seedling (popped the soil 9 days ago) and it is already showing sex! I can clearly see the tiny white hairs. So good I thought, nice to see it turned out female, but isn't it way too young to show sex? Does this indicate something is wrong, or should I be happy (plant looks and grows very good/well)

    [EDIT] The strain is Durban Poison X Skunk (87,5 % Sativa)
  2. hmmmmm.............. what kind of light schedule do you have it under?
  3. I dont know if what you saw was an indicator of sex..plants shouldn't show sex till flowering, never heared of 9 days showing sex regardless of lightning schedule. But hey, keep trying whatever you did with that one..if you continue to see what looks like female pistils, and they keep turning out to be females..hell maybe you've figured out a way to sex extremely early, which would be quite an advancement to weed growing
  4. ^^^^werd :D let me know of that method, got pics?
  5. You cant force a plant to flower early, it'll flower when its good and ready! Pre-flowers are a sign that the plant is mature enough to start flowering.You cannot force a plant to flower befroe pre-flowering otherwise it will slow in growth and take a bit longer to actually start flowering!(It would flower faster if u flower when pre-flowers appear cause its less of a shock to the plant) *"Info taken from the cannabis grow bible"*
    If u have it on a 24/0 light schedule then what u are seeing are pre-flowers and the plant will not start flowering until u switch to a 12/12 schedule! It is still in the vegetative stage but ,if wot u are saying is true, it seems to be mature enough to start the flowering stage!
    Thats a weird one alright!
    Keep us updated, any pics?
  6. Okay, not home right now so I'll get a picture up later on... About the light schedule, it's in 18/6 at the moment. I did mess it up one day though, somebody touched my timer (still got some ass kicking to do on the person who did that) So it had 3 hours light 3 dark. After that I continued 18/6 (so the times when the lights go on and of changed). Despite of that the plant is doing great, looking great and growing amazingly fast.

    Because I'm a first time grower I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, germinated with paper/towel method and transferred them into standard soil, nothing added. Kept everything as simple as possible. I'm using CFL's at the moment, I will switch to HPS as soon as I get it shipped, which should be in 5 days.

    Pictures coming up...
  7. Sorry for the late reply on this one, been a little busy these days.

    I tried to make pictures of the "hairs" but camera cannot manage (crap HP) the close up. But I think I was wrong anyway, though on each side of the stem there are two tiny hairs. They must be something else though. I attached a picture of the plant (made 5 mins ago).

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  8. I aslo made a little drawing to make clear what I see. Note that the "hairs" are just as green as the rest of the plant..

    Note also that the plant has these hairs on all sides of the stem and exactly two of them. What are these...?

    Are they just new branches/leafs? They must be after a close look..sorry if they turn out to be, making this thread pointless
  9. And the pic...sorry lol :smoking:

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  10. Both males and females have those hairs. It has nothing to do with (pre)flowers. Our member BPP calls them 'nipples'. The real flowers will appear at the grow tips shortly ( 1 or 2 weeks) after you changed the light schedule to 12/12.
    Your plant looks very healthy btw!
    Good luck!


  11. Thanks man, that's all I needed to know

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