Showing off the glass

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  1. what up GC first post and decided i showed show off my pieces and see what you think so here it is:
    Oh and by the way these arn't the exact ones but my camera isnt working so i had to steal these pics off the net.
    ill post my others when i get my camera up and working.
  2. showing off somebody else's glass thread?

  3. No there the same ones i have im just not the one who took the pic.
  4. When you show off glass you show you yourself taking pictures of the glass.

    When you show glass off the internet, people assume you want to purchase the item and/or is waiting for said item in the mail.

    Those pipes are way too beautiful to own. IMO.
    I can imagine hitting it, setting it down, then it breaking.
  5. There beautiful but i would never hit them, it would be disrespectful to get them all resinated. I would have it as collection.
  6. k thanks for the tip,

    yea the dragons fine but the seahorse does always worry me when setting it down afta a nice sesh
  7. i could never own those

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