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Showing girlfriend The Union

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AlkaSeltzer, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. The time has finally come for me to show my girlfriend The Union. We have been dating for 7 years and I have been smoking without her even suspecting a thing.:cool: Is there anything else I can show her. Should also mention that she is very headstrong and doesn't really think things through and gets very emotional while drinking so I want to show her the better alternative. She hates the idea of smoke and it has been drilled into her head for years that pot is bad and will fuck up your life.:rolleyes: Would showing her the benefits of vapes be a good idea to overcome the smoke issue? She claims to be open minded, and I brought up DMT to her and how ridiculous it is that it be illegal though it occurs naturally in everyone. She now feels the same way as me on that one, So there is hope. Any advice would be appreciated.
  2. well cannabinoids are one of the key chemicals involved in ours brains' functions. so if shes chill with dmt for the same reason, youre set there
  3. I'll be sure to mention that
  4. these would be my exact words "babe, you consider me normal, right? well.... i smoke weed. a lot. (or however often you smoke...) and... well... its not bad like the government tells you... if you're open minded, you should watch this little documentary with me....."
  5. Almost everyday for 4 years. I think it'll be like a kick in the balls to her at first. I've already told her I have a documentary we have to watch together someday.
  6. if shes open minded, and obviously hasnt noticed anything wrong with you, she should take it well, and watch the documentary with you...
  7. I think somehow she will feel betrayed though.
  8. i just got done watching that movie right now actually.

    its a great movie. i think it will really help open her eyes dude.
  9. #9 crazycraka, Jun 7, 2009
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    Most likely the documentary is gunna change her views because girls are fuckn stupid and easily manipulatable so If you just keep consitent with the pro marijuana shit shell eventually come through. Then after shes all for it say, I didn't want to make it seem like I was trying to hide anything so I wanted to make sure you knew the facts before I told you this.. Then you tell that bitch you smoke alot of weed and your fine and that you think it will open her to another world or some shit like that.. Trust me that shit should work perfectly.

    Its golden. Like my urine.

    PS: My socks smell like ass bro, seriously i dunno why I still have them on, they are reeking like a motherfuck.. a..
  10. wait you have been smoking pot behind your GF's back for 7 years!!! i would definitely never ever ever ever tell my girlfriend that. at the very most tell her you started like a month ago. i woudl just come home from work one day high, and say that you decided it would be fun to smoke some weed with a coworker then go do something really really nice for her, like cook imaybve clean some shit up, and just make her think that weed makes you super fun. do all this after watching the union, thats your best bet.

    some people think you should always tell the truth in a relationship, but in this case, that would definently destroy it. think about it like this, if you dug a hole so deap that you cant get out, what should you do? you dig deaper.
  11. ^^^^Lying ALWAYS helps. Unlike honesty, terrible thing:confused:

  12. yea good advise.
  13. im tellin you if you tell the truth and explain to her that you have been lying to her for the last 7 years, that is gunna be the end of that relationship. lying doesn't always help, but in this situation it is needed.
  14. qft az ftw:hello:
  15. Though I dislike the idea of lying to her further I think it might be necessary:(

    O well off to smoke a blunt and mow the lawn:smoking:

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