showing 4-20 appreciation

Discussion in 'General' started by Plex420, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. what could i do to show apreciation???I dont have any weed realated shirts no rasta shirts or no marley shirts.Im thinking about using fabric pain on a shirt and making it rasta but i dk if i have a shirt for that.So a little help please lol
  2. You dont need to show anything on 4/20, you just need to smoke weed. 4/20 isnt a popularity contest.
  3. i know but i want too! I might not have any weed as bad as it sounds.
  4. Make a sign, and walk around if you want, "Happy 4-20!" ha!
  5. uh, you could smoke.
  6. Do whatever you feel you should do on 4-20.

    I'm going in on a QP with some friends.
  7. just buy a whit t-shirt and grab a sharpie. Draw a leaf, write out 420, draw a fat blunt on there, what ever! just have fun with it!
  8. lol ^ i think thats what ill do. Ill put a mini rasta flag and underneath ill write Happy 420!
  9. write a math problem on the shirt........419+1+420
  10. this guy on campus is selling shirts that say "420 Farrand Field" and on the back it has Ralphie (our mascot) smoking a fat blunt.

  11. then i think that should be your main priority. lol, not a shirt mang!
  12. Fer real. Throw 5 and get a bag and smoke it in celebration of 4-20.
  13. im hopefully guna throw down 20 and get an eigth of some middies.Hopefully.Then ill put a gram in a firecracker and eat that at school lunch then ill smoke the rest that night.heres the shirt.kinda ghetto but that makes it all the more better

  14. Hahah, Thas funny he actually went through and did it.
  15. I'll probably make a shirt to sport around campus. plus it'll be my first day smoking in a month.. so it's gonna be the best 4-20 ever. eva.
  16. My buddy gots a shirt that says "Its legal until you get busted." Thats the shirt to wear, Its the shit. Love for a cop to see that one.

  17. Hell yeah. That sounds like a cool shirt. It's only illegal if u get caught.

    I'm going to smoke a quarter (at least), make a 420 shirt, run around and scream it's 420! see some fool working, be like "Why the fuck is u working!?! it's 420!" Then hell be like "You're right." tears off his starbucks apron and lights up a J. I'll be like "My work here is done" and run off with the guy screaming "Happy 420!!! *cough cough cough*"

    Going to bet the best day ever.
  18. Just made a sign to wear with this shirt:


    awareness is good on a college campus.
  19. hey perfekt i didnt know you live up in boulder

    are you going to farrand field this year

    i might head up there after i get out of class and go chill at the hill i here a lotta people smoke there too
  20. I think it's kind of stupid that you think that you need to wear rasta stuff on 4/20. There is a huge element of weed smoking to rasta, but that's not what it's all about. People in my area might laugh at you because of your overused thoughts about getting ready for 4/20. Just smoke weed, and if you really want to wear rasta colors, do, but no need to have a hissy fit about it all. Sorry if I sound negative at all...i dont mean to be...but by all means, have a happy 4/20!!!

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