Showin balls at 3weeks from seed pop?!?! WTF!

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  1. Hey blades, this isnt my first grow but definatley the first time I encountered something like this....

    The seed broke soil on 4/20 along with 2 others. The other two are just fine and have set genetics (Dragonfruit Kush and Strawberry Cough), but this one in particular is a random bagseed and is under the same light cycle of 16on/8off and appears to have a cluster of balls at the top node.????! To me it looks like a male, but I dont know what would cause this so soon only being 3weeks old? Maybe the pics will help.:confused_2:

    What should I do?


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  2. Kinda hard to tell. The pics are fuzzy where it counts. But, if they are ball sacks then trash it!
  3. Ehh yea thats what I figured.... But how would that already be showing sex? ... I'm anticipating atleast one of em bein male, so thats all good. I'm just completely baffled that the others havent shown signs, and it couldnt be the lighting or timer Im sure of that.
  4. Could just be a shitty bagseed. Could've been an autoflowering strain. Just give it some time. It won't hurt anything if it is male. You'll have a few days while the pollen sacks get bigger and mature to be sure about it. Even if some pop open they have nothing to pollinate anyways.
  5. Word. I moved it outta the grow cab and put it out back by the garden. So Ill watch it. And since you mentioned autoflowering strain as a possiblity.... I dunno that would explain it, but isnt it a trait thats bred into a "prized strain" not some mid grade herb from Idaho? (Previous residence) But I dunno...
  6. Just looks like new growth to me man. Definitely no need to be moving it out this early, but I guess you can leave it where you moved it if you want.
  7. Dude trust me its weird. I hadve the same issue. My bluberry skunk did the same thing at 3 weeks old but they are like a foot tall and big. But showing sex of male already. I dont get it either. Ppl say its new growth or have never ever heard of it. I googled it as well and could not find anything so i think we are on a lone boat here. Something we need to expirament with ;) :)
  8. lol there have only been two really good growers in Idaho ..and we both moved to Oregon....:eek:

    just kiddin..there are some good ole boys in them hills that bring in some killer gear...and a cross with ruderalis is not unheard of to drop flower time, considering that most of the growing season in Idaho is done by mid Sept..... or they freeze....

    course lat time I was in Boise I was seeing immature N.L. going for 75 a 1/8th.... course Idaho will be last to

    opps /rant off :smoking:

  9. Wait when was that.... Cause the last time I was there in March thats what homie had and it was a joke

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