Showering with new dreads

Discussion in 'General' started by Love&Space, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. Hey this is about dreadlocks, thought a few dreadheads could help me out.

    I just got some new dreads 2 days ago. I rememb er hearing to not wash newly-made dreads for about 5 days. But can I get the dreads wet in the shower at least? I wanna shower again!!!
  2. ig you "got" dreads 2 days ago then u dont have dreads. shit takes time man... yes you NEED to shower. use a residue free shampoo. its no wonder there are so many dreadlock myths, people dont understand and they go out an get dreads. i just pray u dont have any wax in your hair kid. if you do i suggest cutting.
  3. also, how hard is it to shower without getting your hair wet?? if u needed to...
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    plastic bags ftw.

    and man..cmon. just cause he backcombed doesnt mean he doesnt have real dreads....thats what im gonna do. i dont wanna look like raggedy ann for a year before i have my shit fully dreaded. i want some nice, even dreads.

    and OP, yes you can shower, and probably should get some(like dreadlocker said) residue free shampoo, or even specialized shampoo that actually knots the hair faster to tighten the dreads.

    ps. i dont have dreads yet so dont pay much attention to what i say, but i am working on getting them soon.
  5. im not saying backcombed dreads are not dreads, but 90 percent of backcombs will unravel for about the first 6 months and then re tighten after that.
  6. wait...what?
    why? is it because theyre usually not taken care of? ive never heard that one.
    and to what extent do they unravel? all the way? or just enough to look retarded?

    92% of statistics are made up on the spot.
  7. they wont unravel.... backcombed is a huge jump start on the dreading process.

    i want fuckiing dreads too. my hairs to short tho. Imma get em eventually thuogh. (maby)

    yes you shower when ever you usually do just dont fuckin play around with your hair and rub it all around, causing knots to come undone.... and wear a tam or wool hat often it helps. residue free shampoo sure. and idk. before you start them (alittle late) you can stop taking showers, or atleast washing your hair, for a while like.. every 4 days or more idk, so your scalp doesnt produce as much oils.
  8. I know nothing about dreads.

    I do know you need to shower though.

    Get a showercap for women. More room then mens I would think.
  9. you don't have dreads take a long time to form! you have twist! and they better your hair is the longer they take to LOCK up. Are you black or white?? if you're white i don't know what yall use to lock yalls hair with but i know most black people use bee's wax to lock hair like ours. The nappier your shit is the faster it locks up...(it's true) and the more dirty your hair is the faster it grows...nasty shit but true...(for black folks i mean...i don't know about other ethnic groups)
  10. ... Man. black people are lucky you dont have to do shit to start em. White people it takes a Long time. Backcombing still takes a few months. You dont have to use anything, idk if its common fact that black people use bees wax, that just sounds unnecessary, ESPECIALLY if your black. Dirty hair doesnt grow any faster then clean hair.

    Also, white people cant just twist it, you have to back comb or just neglect it, if you have curly hair. Supposedly you can lock your hair naturally if you have straight hair, but it takes like a whole year or more to get knotted up... what a waste of time.
  11. sounds painful.
  12. Ya black people have it good with dreads hah, I could wash my hair like a day after twists were put in and i've been growin them ever since..2yrs..white people have it good too though because theirs get longer much faster. :\
  13. painless.
  14. back combing? yeah i guess, if your a bitch lol. Its not that bad at all. its not like combing knots OUT of your hair, its combing them in. so, the knots are what your making not combing out... if that makes sence. all the comb really does is push the hair togehter.
    meh "no pain no gain"?

    or you can go all natural and just leave them alone, but you probably dont want to since that takes forEVER (if your white)
  15. ha, man, white people dont have it much better, our hair doesnt grow any faster, its just black or nappy hair just seems slower, becuase its curley, and has to grow all the curls first. white hairs just like straight (usually) But once you have dreads even if your white it takes along time to get legnth. AND also i guess when your dreads lock up your hair "shrinks" or gets shorter, becuase its going from straight into very wavy or knotted.
  16. I'm a girl, not a bitch.

    I could never do that since I have a super sensitive scalp, I can't imagine just one hair pulling under the weight of a wet dread. But I could ply it like yarn if I wanted to, no tangle, no pain.
  17. hahahah woaaahhhhh there. my bad. i meant bitch as in low pain tolerance. i didnt even know you were a girl. then again i didnt read who posted most of the stuff on here i just reply.

    and if you cant imagine the weight of a dread thats wet.... .... .... ... :eek:

    probably might not want em.
  18. get bands until they start to tighten, they have clear ones. Like stated before, use a shampoo w/o residue. When you not in public/ doing something important (ie. watching tv) palm roll like crazy.

    showering keeps them knotted to be honest, less you wash, the more oil...harder it gets.
    I back combed mine(don't have anymore) did take a while to set in. for straight hair they take some care to get going and keep looking good.

  19. idk ive heard bad about bands because they can get stuck in there and thats not good. or just fall apart inside a dread. I would only use them to keep sections seperated at first. Dont palm roll to much tho it can be bad.
    Less you wash the more oil, UNLESS you get your scalp used to not being washed as much, then it produces less oil. Then you dont have to wash your hair as much.
  20. hmm...

    i snipped my bands off the second month.
    washed every two-three days, i guess i found my heads sweet spot.:p
    Any loose ends i palmed in, seemed to work for me.

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