Showering With Her ..

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  1. Pictures are required, its in the rules.

    How would you know, creeper..
  3. wtf I live at home and they go in and I hear the shower haha
    So is she hot?
  5. damn havent done it in a while with my guurl....i know what you mean about tthose tig ol bitties all soaped up and mm thicukmzz.
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    You tryin to slap my grape bro?
  7. It's been mentioned before but I prefer closer to room temperature water, and my girl prefers to look like a fucking lobster when she gets out from the water being so hot. So it's tricky showering together. We do better with baths.
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    Why the fuck would you stop showering with your woman?  Do you guys schedule sex night for tuesdays?
  9. and this is how a sexless marriage begins lol. Shape up and start having fun with your wife.

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  10. Oh how interesting. A person who grows weed and he has methods to conserve electricity i wonder if these two phenomena's could be somehow related.  :bongin:  :smoking:  :laughing:
  11. We have plenty of fun ,and our sex life is fine it's just "limited" because she isn't as sexually driven as I or most others ,and I'm not gonna force her to do something she doesn't want to (all I can do is try and get her in the mood [which won't be happening to much in the near future because she's fifteen weeks pregnant]). I'd also like to add that eventually the majority of relationships wind up "sexless" due to aging ,and when that time comes it won't matter to me (and hopefully it won't matter to her either) ,because we don't  base our relationship off sex like most young couples ,because we both know one day we'll be flabby and not as spry as we once were but it doesn't matter because it's what's on the inside that counts.
    This is pretty much why we don't bother lol, would rather the sex before or after tbh, showering together never works. You may as well fuck or just wash by yourself as you just get in each others way and shit.
  13. i like that philosophy man...everyone is different. I just stand behind the belief that taking care of yourself physically, and not getting flabby, will do wonders for your relationship. I think complacency in that arena can be a relationship killer for a lot of people, but not all.

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  14. I honestly don't have the time to workout these days friend because if I'm not working I'm spending time with her or stressing over the birth of our child ,and I'm going to eventually stop drinking (as soon as I get off probation and am able to smoke that sweet sweet calorie free marijuana [hopefully this August]).
  15. yeah life can definitely get in the way sometimes...I can relate that's for sure. And MJ over alcohol all day!!! I can't imagine not being able to smoke

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  16. Yeah it sucks ass man. I'm about three years in and can't wait to get off! I just drink a lot because I need some kind of stress relief ,and I can't smoke ,but at least I'm not an alcoholic (IMO there's a difference between a man that drinks every day to get a nice buzz going whilst still handles his responsibilities and priorities [such as going to work ,making the wife and baby happy ,and doing "chores" around the house] ,and being some douche that drinks every day ,makes the women work whilst beating her ,and abandoning his child).
  17. i shower with my dude all the time. its fun and saves water. sometimes it leads to sex or sometimes we just enjoy the company.

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  18. 3 kids would be stressful as hell, and I know what you mean by needing stress relief. I would think about the alcohol though. If it is something you need to do everyday then that would be considered a functional alcoholic. Be careful doing it around the kids, they are so damn impressionable man, and as adults, you don't want them turning to alcohol. They are always watching you.
    I used to drink all the time too, but the older I get, the more I'm like, "what good did alcohol ever do me?" It's so freaking punishing on the body.

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  19. My kid isn't quite here yet (my girl is only fifteen weeks along) ,but I understand what you're saying ,but no worries by the time our beautiful baby is born I should be smoking sweet sweet cannabis again (I won't be smoking it around the baby though because no smoke is good for infants ,I don't want my kid going to school have a slip of the lips and have defax at my door ,and I don't want them smoking until they're 18 or preferably 21).
  20. Shower sex is one of the best places to get it on. The only problem if you use a condom while shower sex, the condom could slip off. Be aware, but the slapping noise when you giving her the goods is almost porn brag-worthy.

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