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  1. Back in the dayz .. me & wifey took showers with each other when we were bf/gf .. those days stopped ever since we've had kids ... the other day i was taken a shower & she stepped in & said we havent done this in years huh? ... and after all these years it still feels good taken a shower wit my mrs. bcuz her body still looks good drippin wet all covered in soapy suds i mean my woman has got sum really big tits so instead of washing myself I still get hypnotized by watchin her.. ha ha ha .. Have you blades ever showered with your woman?
  2. All the time.  Have two heads in the shower. :)
  3. Only way i shower on weekends

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  4. I've never had a woman :'(
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    Still do this sometimes. Only conflict is that I prefer it steaming hot (cold water turned off), while she prefers the water ice cold. Brrrrr fuck that shit
  6. lol usually it's the other way around.
    Still how do you shower with only the hot water on bro?  Isn't that like burning hot?
    Anyways yeah, showering with a girl is pretty awesome.  when she turns around just stick it in fast
  7. I'm weird :p
    My son loves steaming hot baths as well. He's weird too :p

    I keep the water heater turned down to conserve electricity, so it's not that hot;)
  8. Yep I enjoy it myself ,and it saves on water ,but these days I'm shy to ask because I've put on some pounds recently and got a beer belly.
  9. For some reason tho, it generally leads to shower sex; which, while great, is not the optimum setting for such activities
  10. It's a real special time for me when I can get that fun time in the shower, once we step in all I can think about is sticking it in her ass which is exactly why I have System Jo on me 24/7.
  11. I've only done it once. I swear my girlfriend lubed up her shower floor, because I kept slipping all over that shit.
    It was like walking along a bowling lane with socks on.
  12. Love your new avi dude. Crabman was the shit!
    Is this your girl?

  13. lol that makes sense
    Haha thank you kindly!
    And holy shit man, I'd be scared for my life if that where my girlfriend.
  15. This exactly. Love the showers with my man. But we always wanna do more than just shower and its so hard to get in position and the water isn't a great wet for sex. So we usually just hop out and do it outside the shower hop back in clean off and to bed we go!
  16. Yuuuup of course. It's cool, was a lot more enticing when I was a lil younger but hey, no objections here.

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  17. I was thinking five heads. Your head. Her head. The shower head. Your dick head. And getting head.
  18. Some girls' shower products make the floor really slippery. I've noticed on a number of occasions from gfs and family.
    Damn good post man!  It's been a long while since I showered with the woman. We been comfortable together for years now.  That is something we definitely don't do anymore.  I'm gonna do that tonight. :D
    Cheers man!
  20. My dad and his gf do all the time....AWK

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