Showering while high..

Discussion in 'General' started by sabertoothZ, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Ive heard about many benefits to showering while high. Other than the fact that you get clean, I heard it basically wipes out any smell of bud if you recently toked in that bathroom, if your too high its a good way to calm down, and it just plain feels amazing. Should i try it next time i have the chance?
  2. Sure. It's alright, I normally don't do it because I feel it does "sober" me up somehow. But it is relaxing, and sometimes I want that feeling.
  3. Yeah it feels great but it does sober me down a bit.. If I'm really blazed I just close my eyes n it feels like Im chillin under a waterfall.
    Didnt know it wipes out the smell but ill take your word for it lol
  4. haha ya ive heard that the steam/soap from the shower somehow masks all the smoke
  5. You only think it makes you more sober. Hot water doesn't magically enter your brain and remove the chemicals affecting you.

  6. anyone who told you that it masks the smell is fucking stupid. I was naive and thought that too smoking in a dorm bathroom an entire semester, so if you are smoking anything better than shwag than no, it doesn't rid the smell.
  7. I wanna try it lol but you'd have to shower as you smoke because if there's someone near the shower I'm sure the smell would get out or something.. :smoke:
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    No it doesn't magically make you sober but a shower will wake anyone up. Waking up = sobering up. It's all mental
  9. My friend smokes a blunt with every shower, he's addicted haha. I must say, stoned showers are pretty amazing!
  10. It is my go to thing when I get home to a house full of family while super stoned... especially when I get dropped off from a cruise.
  11. There's 3 things I can't do while high all that well
    Getting a haircut
    and gambling

    it just seems to mess up my flow
  12. Haha damn i gotta try it sometime
  13. who wants to have a fluoridation session while their high, ew
    (yes hot water, which is addicting, opens up the pores and fluoride DOES seep in through the skin. =X which is why when i do shower, its under 2 minutes, room temp water)

    besides, showers are for non-hippies dude :laughing:

  14. It did for me. I had the window open while I smoked, and closed it when done. Had the fan on the whole time, and the steam makes the smoke rise to the vent/fan.

    Did it just about everyday in my younger days.
  15. Taking a shower while high is like venturing into a fucking different planet.

    When I shower high, I completely zone out and go into so many different thoughts and realize I've been washing my hair for like 7 minutes.
  16. haha cant wait to have some bud to myself and some time to kill
  17. key is to steam it up and use products to mask the smell. Like shampoo and body wash thingys. Make sure a towel is under the door. plenty of times i did it and i would come out as a more delightful person.
  18. Lol I also forgot to add that I usually forget whether I put shampoo on my hair or not so I end up doing it twice sometimes but only if I'm really really blazed :smoke:
  19. I like swimming high. Fucking awesome.

    Nothing like sitting in the warm sand hitting your bong or pipe then running into the water.

  20. Ya hottubbing while high is fun too. I swear when the jets were on and i looked into the water, it looked like a golden whirlpool all around me. haha

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