Showerhead downstem ?

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    i think im going to buy an alex k showerhead downstem for my gong bong but i have couple questions. sorry if there kinda stupid
    my downstem i have now is 18/18mm
    can i buy a 14/18mm since all my other sliders are 14mm and i only have one 18mm slide?
    also on the site their is two different alex k downstems one is black and one is white is there any difference other than the color label , or are they different showerheads if so which one is better?
    thanks and sorry if the questions were noobish ive never bought a downstem before

    Also im going to by a space case because my grinder has aluminum shavings which is dangerous . i think im going to get the 2pc small 25$ and buy a pollen box later. any opinions?
  2. You are indeed correct, however you won't be able to use your 18mm slide anymore. I would suggest getting a disk diffused bowl if you don't have one already, makes a world of difference.

    I do not believe there is a difference between the glass other than colour, which is your preference.

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