showerhead diffused downstems

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  1. Will a 6 slit showerhead downstem be noticeably smoother than my normal 6 slit open ended downstem. also which would make my bong better a showerhead diffuser or an ice pinch slide help me decide. dont say both hahaha
  2. I say both.
  3. Haha a showerhead diffy! An ice inch slide just makes it a screen instead of a push hole.
  4. my sheldon blacks got a 12 slit shower head diffused down stem and its smooth
  5. If I had to choose... Ugh... Yeah both are good choices. Flip a coin.
  6. well my main question is whether the shower head will be significantly smoother. also the ice pinch slide is 15 bucks cheaper but does it really effect the bongs performance.
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    heres pics of both also the slide is custom so i can have whatever colors i want. the last one is what my normal downstem looks like.
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    Better? hahahhahaha

    what do you want? more diffusion in a downstem? or more airflow from the slide? what kind of slide do you currently have?

    the slide Definitely makes a big difference on performance!

    Ice pinch slides are good, but that one looks kinda sloppy on the pinches...^

    on second thought, a 6 slit showerhead COULD be kind of draggy, what are the specs on your tube or the one you will be using it on?
  9. my bong is a biohazard straight 15in 5arm perc w/ splash guard and the bowl i have now is just the stock drop thru or whatever you guys call them it just has a small hole in it ;). oh and the downstem is just like the one in the earlier pic. and yes im looking for smoothness
  10. that last part didnt really answer my question.
    How can you ask for this if you dont even know what you like?

    I dont know how draggy it is, and Im not sure that you know either. post pictures of the percs arms and of the splashguard, up close.

    please tell me if the arms are open or closed ended.
  11. Sorry im not gonna get my camera out but that exact splash guard from the pic and i guess the percs are closed but they have a slit right on the tip. so its not a circle opening.

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  12. Well, I will say that a new downstem will benefit your tube, as well as a new downstem. they do different things. flip a coin
  13. Hey, I noticed you posted on my ioffer. I'd say a gridded stem line downstem, I try to grid it so that the second set of grids is a bit bigger then the first to utilize more holes. If you want a nice shower head Alex k makes great one, and the one you posted looked very good.
  14. get the ice pinch first, will make your perc fuction better

  15. They both effect performance in different ways. Is the downstem you currently use a diffuser or just a straight downstem?
  16. Since your tree isn't diffused and doesn't actually have a full opening I say get a ice pinch of disc diffused bowl. It will increase air flow a lot making the current perc inside the bong less draggy.

    If you only have a slit opening on the trees it'll be a bit draggy. Yes the bubbles they make will be smaller than if they were completely open, but it makes for less air flow. They could have had both air flow and reduced drag if they were diffused better.

    The showerhead might make the piece less chuggy, but greater overall air flow will just mean less drag and probably a bit reduced chug.
  17. yea more air flow will help your perc function better so a ice pinch or disc diffused would be key for you
  18. I thought I might as well ask this question here; which is better in a straight tube, a alex k showerhead or lw 6 arm tree downstems?
    Thanks in advance
  19. The LW is best used in something that you intend to lean back, as it works best when it is perfectly vertical. I would go with an AK showerhead if those are you choices. But you intend to spend as much as $60 on a LW, then check out SG 180* griided downstems.

    They are 180* gridded so you have a choice to either point the grids up or down. You could even have the grids facing sideways. At the bottom of the downstem is a single large hole so that there is no drag when clearing.

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