Shower time?

Discussion in 'General' started by IL_Duce, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. here another random question of mine, jst got outta the shower and was wondering how long everyone takes a shower for, i take a pretty long one, 30mins sometimes, and when im high i take real long showers and jst stand there enjoying the warmth until it runs out

  2. lol,l was standing under the shower after a few bongs just yesterday thinking the same thing .l love my shower :D
  3. same here, i love me a long hot shower

    on weekdays now though I've been doing 15 minute showers (damn short compared to a year ago) because I can't force myself to get up any ealier to have the time! :smoking:
  4. Wow, thats weird. I tried to make a post about showers earlier but the 60 second post rule thing and i was too lazy to wait.

    I take anwhere from 5-30 minutes in the shower depending on how tired i am and/or how long i have before i have to go anywhere.

    My question was how hot do you take a shower though, i like mine full blast. :D
  5. guess it depends...

    I like to take reallly long showers, especially when im high, but i always regret it after i get my water bill...
  6. 5-10 mins myself
  7. Used to do hella long hot ones, but then my skin gets all dry and itchy :/ of course, if you don't get out it won't dry.. so just stay in the shower :)
  8. I love taking long warm showers too! I'm about to right now...
  9. my hot water only lasts like 5 minutes....I used to take the long ones but now I gotta get out or freeze.
  10. I take a shower until someone yells at me to get out. Usually around 30-60 minutes. I've fallen asleep in the shower many a time. Once I was in the shower asleep for like 3 1/2 hours, the cold water didnt even wake me up. (I didnt like lay down and fall asleep, I just rest my head against the corner and BAM! I'm asleep, I almost always stay in that position too) Because of this, my room mates have made me stop locking the bathroom door when I'm taking a shower.

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