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shower/swimming kills high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SnareC, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Well I was talking to my friend about how I started swimming a lot of laps lately. He then said if he showers when he is high, he showers and he is not high any more, he said it would be pretty dumb to swim high because it will get rid of it too. This is because I would really like to try swimming high.

    So... Do you think showering and swimming kills/would kill your high?
  2. No I always get high and go in the ocean, its so much fun but be safe
  3. F-F-F-Fuck no!!!

    Swimming when your blazed is fucking awesome and trippy as hell. I can hold my breath for like 2 minutes when i'm high ahhaha. Especially at night if you have those colored lights that go through the whole spectrum.. intense
  4. He's totally wrong...

    Pool + Stoned = Fun
  5. how do you figure?
  6. shower definitely kills my high
  7. It does for me. I think you have to try to find out but some it works wonders but it takes away for me.
  8. Nah man go head and swim. You won't kill your high.
  9. for me a hot tub will forsure and swimming its trippy for first 10mins but then i feel like im not high anymore. so i generally like to stay away from water
  10. See, someone told me the same thing awhile back. But just recently I tried it and it was a fuckin amazing experience! I would def. recommend it dude.
  11. hot water wont kill your high ,,, but it is def shorter. its becuase the hot water gets ur blood pumping. but cold water dont really shorten your high. pool/beach+weed=fun
  12. Thanks for all the responces guys! I will def try swimming ripped and see what comes out of that.
  13. For me showers will definitely shorten up my high but usually not kill it. But swimming is pools is SOOO fun same with the ocean man. You really got to try it and trust me it will not be a waste of bud. If you i want i like smoking some before and then the other half or what is left after swimming.
  14. I enjoy both showering and swimming while I'm high. I don't find that either kills my high.
  15. Swimming is fun while high but showers do seem to kill my high
  16. Yea, I swim ripped on a constant basis. I am on a competative team and i get high before practice.... Very crazy, you get odd thoughts and I for one swim harder.... Cuz it's so much more fun!
  17. Swimming is so fun, doing flips off the high dive! it never kills my high, also gives you a good excuse if you have red eyes.
  18. within 10 minutes of getting in any water will kill my high hot tubs, pools, surfing, swimming, skimming everything i do thats water related i stay away from when high
  19. No not at all man. my friends apartment has a indoor year round pool with a hottub and thats just amazing :smoke:
  20. showers usually do... depends unless if im really baked... but swimming high is fun.

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