Shower Smoking...?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jaws420, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Alright so i'm going down to Florida soon with the family, and definitely want to be blazed most everyday (beaches + water+ floating on rafts + weed + excuse to wear sun glasses and be mellow= Fun!) so i was thinking about smoking in the shower... thoughts on smell levels for outside the room?

    i'd do the towel thing, probably have a fan-sucker-mathingy, possibly a window?

    my dad knows what it smells like, mom doesn't...hmmm?

    thoughts, advice?
  2. Well, certainly don't box the shit out of the place. Here's what I used to do back in my pre-teen days in the bathroom when I was grounded and I'd end up :smoking:;

    Pack bowl, maybe get a cap for the bowl (its like a cover you screw on with a hole in it, keeps the weed lit but no smoke gets anywhere).

    Make sure the fan is on and shower going so they cannot hear the lighter/inhale/coughing.

    Stand as CLOSE as possible to the fan, hold the pipe close to it so any excess smoke is taken through the vent, blow your hits out SLOWLY so the smoke can be taken in through the vent.

    Repeat until you feel high enough, shower, and blame the fucked up eyes on the water.

    Works everytime :):hippie:
  3. you better make sure there's not a smoke detector in there, espeically if you're staying at a hotel or resort.
  4. I was sure that was already included in the game plan.
  5. there are 1000's of threads on this, literally 1000's...

  6. you never know. :cool:
  7. sorry shalom but i'm far too baked to search. my apologies. yeah its our house so i doubt there will be a smoke detector, and if i recall semi-correctly (and if my prayers are answered) there might be a window, which case i'm absolutely golden...if not, i might just say fuck it, bike off somewhere, smoke a blunt whilest biking, and head back
  8. Why dont you just go outside? Go for a walk dude, no sense in doing stupid shit like that.
  9. i sugest you use a sploof fan and candle... if they ask why ur burning a candle... say ur taking a shit..

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