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Shower or Bath?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Cannabis Smoker, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. I have weed right now and my parents are gone and I'm gonna get stoneeeddd. I saw a thing yesterday about doing this but I can't choose between the two.

    Should I go in the bath or the shower for more fun?(i don't have a jacuzzi)
  2. Have you tried either?

    I stick with showers personally... Partly cause my bathroom only has a shower and not a tub, and partly because im a man.

    I wonder what's wrong with you people... questions like this are just silly and really have no purpose being asked on an internet forum. seriously... what the fuck man?

  3. Chill out....? I'm just asking a simple question...I don't have enough weed for both.
  4. Are you going to light some candles and play with yourself while you're in there too? Lol but in all seriousness, I would probably stick with a shower because they are much faster and afterward I could do something fun instead of lying in a pool of water for an hour. :smoking:
  5. I think you should do something totally different. I think you should just take a shower and get cleaned up and ready to start your day first then go outside and smoke and relax. Just look at the beauty of everything and enjoy yourself. If you're set on the bath/shower idea I say take a shower get out and blaze again.
  6. This is not only the most pointless post I've seen today, but also the stupidest. You've been here for a whopping 7 posts, let's keep the pointing fingers to a minimum.
  7. fucking pussy obviously a shower or just do buckets in your bath haha
  8. super duper hot showers ftw.
  9. Why is everyone hating on baths. There relaxing. come at me if you want:rolleyes:
  10. Bath because you can relax.
  11. Bath's are gay (at least in a tub, jaccuzzi i could understand). Hot showers ftw. It's especially cool when you get the bathroom all fogged up, and then you walk out and its the best feeling ever.
  12. Why does everyone hate on baths. No they are not gay in any way, and if you have a bad back like i do there is nothing better than a hot bath with epsom salt. Stop hating on baths and calling them gay.( I am a very, very straight man)
  13. i dont really see how baths are gay tbh...they just achieve the function of washing the exact same way a shower does, but you dont have to stand up, i call out the rest of you faggots for standin up unnecessarily!

    take a bath man, lebowski-style. if any of you wanna call the dude gay you can fuck off, cooler than anyone.
  14. i kno how does a bath make me gay? its more relaxing and u can smoke a joint while u do so....lets see you do that in a shower! everyone saying that "thats gay dude" they are like 17-18 years old...
  15. cause you know, the second you lay in a tub your entire outlook on sexuality does a complete 180. them thar water buckits are dangurus.

    but for real, i like showers just cause of the stream.
  16. Actually, weren't public bath houses fueled by homosexual sex the cause of the major spreading of AID's in San Fransisco? I guess they are pretty gay....
  17. Yeah, filling a container with water then sitting in it is really gay
  18. #19 Smoked All Dat, Apr 24, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 24, 2010

    Damn someone needs a tampoon and a blunt.

    Also, this thread has turn into a Bath Vs. Shower debate lol.
  19. dude, fuck showers. baths 4 lyfe:):confused::confused::confused::confused:

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