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Shower me with your bong knowledge

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YellowSubmarin3, Sep 16, 2009.

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    Hey all, I searched for a comprehensive bong guide, but I couldn't find anything that really answered all my questions.

    I've only been smoking for a couple months. My birthday was a couple weeks ago, plus I'm getting a refund check from my school, so the point is: I have a little money to spend (not a ton).

    There are 2 pretty good headshops in my area, both with a wide selection of glass. As I've been smoking with friends pretty much every night, I think a nice glass bong would be a good investment.

    The problem is, I have no idea what to look for. My only requirements:

    -Easily portable
    -Easy to hide, say wrapped in a hoodie inside a bookbag or something.
    -Easy to pass in a rotation of friends
    -Not too expensive. My limit is probably $100, but I'd like to stay down in the 60 range if possible.
    -I'd like it to have an ice catcher too.

    With my financial restrictions, I know that I can't go crazy and get a killer bong, but I still want something that fucks people up that I can be proud of.

    Do you guys have any suggestions? I know you don't know what the headshops here carry, but if you could maybe link me to something online, I could look for something comparable in one of the shops.

    Also, in general, what determines how expensive a specific bong is?

    Thanks for your help guys.
  2. its not really about you picking the bong, the bong should choose you, dosn't matter if it blows your friends heads off, as long as it blows your head off, but just get a RooR or somthing as for hiding it, most of them are pretty big u won't be able to hide them in a hoodie or a bag, mostly because they would break so id find somewere in your room.
  3. Just a tip for whatever you do buy, if its gotta be hidden and concealed, it needs to be cleaned constantly, otherwise it smells like old bongwater all the time after like 6-9 bowls in it.

    I'd go with a SOUR bong, or Sweet Leaf if you can find one, both cheaper high quality bongs, might not find a icecatcher for the price range tho.

    Definitely try and either buy a glass on glass bong, or take out the downstem and replace it with a diffused glass on glass one, it makes the bong so much better.

    Good Luck!
  4. check out the ehle 250cc its 60$us and its a nice ass bong for the price not too big not to small. pm me if u cant find it
  5. on this website theres some pretty small bongs that you can order for about 20 bills. or you can buy a metal one. they cost around 10 bucks and you can probly find one on this site
  6. 100 BUCKS?! go for a bubbler dude. its a bowl...its a'll ripp you up pretty good.
  7. You cant exactly get a brand name such as ROOR, inline, toro for 100, much less 60. I'd go for a nice no name. Take a look around, take your time when searching. Ask to see a couple, if they get grumpy with you and aren't helpful, check out the other shop. There is no sense in going to an unfriendly head shop.
  8. my buddy bought a 2 foot no name thick ass glass tube for 60 bucks, diffused stem for 15, ash catcher for 15...thats 90 right there and a bad ass ice pinch required its already cool n smooth. just drop ice in the water or freeze the entire tube
  9. You can easily find a nice clear glass on glass bong for a hundred bucks. Especially if you're looking on the smaller side.
    My friend got one for sixty five with an ice catcher and some sweet frosted designs on it.

    Your headshops should carry something like that.
  10. Well, I ended up going to both headshops in my area and the 2nd one I went to was the jackpot. I bought a nice blue bong with a beaker, diffused stem, glass on glass, perculator, and ice chamber. It also came with a nice bowl. Original price was $95, but I got it all for 78 because there was a 20% off all glass sale at the headshop.

    It hits awesome. Deep and smooth. I'll post a pic tomorrow.

    Thanks for the help guys.
  11. thats great im glad you found a bong you like for a relativly low price

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