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show Your Stash Thread //

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Floral, May 19, 2013.

    Here you can discuss where you hide your weed in your room or even house. The purpose of this is to help one another to hide our ingredients to save us getting caught from the negative judgement of the use of cannabis and even the pointless law against it. Ill start it off:
    If you have a canvas painting, it will have a thick wooden frame at the back, you can easily stash it between the print and the frame or even just on top of the frame. I put most of my stuff here that I want to keep from my parents, i have like 10 canvas paintings in my house, but luckily there's one in my room. I took some photos to provide a better aspect. Unfortunately I have no bud at the moment to stash. But here you can fit most normal quantities. 

  2. also you can put weed up your bed. there is two ways depending on which kind of bed you have. if you have a bed in which under it has wood as the frame. put it under the wood. if have a bed like me where you have a different type of frame and no wood under the bed, put your weed and shit between the mattress and the and the frame. you can do this either way but the one with the wood is better because even though the'll never thing to check under your mattress they might. their never gonna check under the wood.

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