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- - Show your Hash/Oil! - -

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by DiAmOnD RaStA, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. I tried searching, but I couldnt find a thread like this

    And then I wondered.. HOW!?! How is there not a show ur hash thread?

    Well there is now! Bho? Isohash? Bubble? SHOW US WHAT UR WORKIN WITH!!!!!!

    I'll start this out with my first run of Double Diesel... expect this to only get better :)

  2. Good call!


    3 ounces of hash
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  3. great thread rasta, we definitely needed a hash stash thread. that oil sure looks yummy, hope its treatin ya well.:bongin:

    PPP bho

  4. heres some bho hash

  5. looks tasty :hello:
    makes me wish I had some concentrates to show off :p
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  7. Loving this thread so far! :)

    How much you using to pull 1.4g of oil??
  8. Some decent quality bubble, sorry for the shitty quality pics but I couldnt resist:smoke: Its all I have ATM leftover from a 3 gram pickup, gonna grab some more today:hello:

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  9. Heres just some random qwiso i made for my 21st bday a few months back


    This is some blue diesel, left it in a bag of shake and it got all contaminated hahahahah

    Some shots of the hash oil my friend produces in massive quantities


    and just for shits and giggles, some cheap ass low qual my bubble my dispensary used to sell
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    Your oil looks mad 'taney too. If you look at the first 3 BHO pictures you posted you can see there's only bubbles in some areas, that's almost definitely butane. They're way too big/concentrated to be terps and the fact that you can see them even on that first razor picture means it wasn't clear when you scraped, so it can't be air bubbles.

    Here's a shot of the Purple Kush I'm currently puffing on...
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  12. What makes you think I was offended? I made a visual observation. The fact that your oil isn't totally purged doesn't offend me, I was just letting you know so you could fix it. If somebody told you your shoelaces were untied would you respond with, "sorry my shoelaces offended you"?

    Don't getchya' panties in a bunch, "boss".
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  14. havent even got past the first page without bickering lol.. lets keep it cool catz ya dig:cool:

    heres some of the best Qwiso ive made. not sure how the hell it came out this pretty but it was good:smoke:

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  15. I don't think you lied, I think you were probably sold that budder and told it was 80% THC but that doesn't necessarily make it true. It doesn't look bad or anything but most dispensaries will say whatever to make shit sound good. Don't be so touchy.
  16. Couldn' couldn't care less.
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  17. ^^killin it!

    that all looks sooo damn good man:yummy::bongin:
  18. yeah this thread would be better in the grower/but pics forum... it would have more chill blades posting homemade hash/oil, and less whiny noobs posting their pickups from clubs.

  19. 21,000 posts!

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