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  1. I bought in early, years ago, when BTC was $1k per coin. I sold at the ATH, around 18k. I wouldn't touch any crypto again, as it's done nothing but prove my point, and many others. There is money to be lost, yet again. Since then, I've made a few dollars on XRP & that's about it. So, as of today, if you were still in BTC; you are now HODL & there is no sense in buying the dip anymore. Things aren't looking good for crypto, and haven't for a while.

    So, with all that out of the way: if you've taken up trading as a hobby, or means of income, I would like to hope that you've diversified & went out into the world of equities, and options. Here is my portfolio, via a commission free trading platform (since switching from RH): WeBull. Now, the only thing I don't like about this platform is the fact we don't have access to options, yet. It's coming within <30 days, which I could not be more excited about. Whilst, I still use RobinHood for basic options trading; as that's where I've made a lot of my money, it's truthfully just a shitty ass, basic platform, for millennial users, that don't know shit about shit. We can all agree that RH has horrible charts, and is really just super basic & not very well thought out, in some regards. Now, I'm not a spokesperson for WB or anything like that, but, it's really a fucking awesome platform. As I stated, options trading is not yet available within WB. There are none of those stupid ass referral links like RH is notorious for, just so everyone can get more free stocks (lol). When you sign up for WB, you automatically get a free stock, which is picked at random, but you must first add funds, or wait 7 trading days to have access to being able to trade. I transferred my entire portfolio (aside from my $AMD calls - $11/11.50/12 & 13 calls, with the expiration date of 8/17), which I started out with $500 in RH back in September of 2017. Anyways, enough of me typing shit. Here is a look at my portfolio, and what my preferred trading platform looks like.
  2. lol, yea right. No way I make that public.
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