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Show ur sig rig Thread

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Hashuana, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. I don't know if there already is a thread like this one...
    Here is my rig its water cooled gonna add specs later when I got time so here's mine ..

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  2. whats the benefit if any of water cooling?
  3. I would have posted mine but Uploading isn't working for me right now and my rig sucks ass.
  4. It benefits mostly when u overclock ur CPU..
    I have my gpu and CPU in the loop CPU is overclocked and the gpu gets really hot...
    It lowers temps drastically.
  5. i would but i dont know who would want to see it lol. it has a lighting fast pentium 4 at 2.5ghz 2gb of ddr 1 ram and a beast nvidia geforce 5200 128mb pci graphics card! wish i wouldn't have sold my gaming pc it was pretty good a pentium dual core the new one not the old d @ 3.33ghz and a 8800gts 640mb. it was my best pc ever pretty sad lol.
  6. Q6600 with 4GB OCZ Reaper was 8 but two sticks burned out :( . BFG GTX260 GFX card. In a Rocketfish case.

    Sadly the Internet port on my MOBO burned out so my computer is useless basically. When I get money that bad boy is getting upgraded big time.

  7. just grab a network interface card and stick it in a pci slot

    they're only a few pounds (dollars if your across the pond)

    NEW 10/100M PCI Fast Ethernet LAN Adapter PC Network Card RJ45 Desktop | eBay
  8. Hmm I just might. I was thinking if holding out and just buy a new MOBO to increase my max RAM to either 12GB or 16 :)
  9. If your just using it for normal stuff and gaming 8gb is enough,

    If you do other resource intensive stuff like video editing, photoshop, cad or heavy multitasking then 16gb will be much better
  10. Oh,I'm a severe multi tasker and experiment a lot with my pc lol. I'm going to try ad setup my own server on it eventually

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