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  1. Some of you guys and gals here have to be in bands or involved in some sort of musical project. If you are, show it off to the rest of us, I'm sure as hell ready for some new tunes.

    check out some of my stuff at

    smoke on, friends
    is the site of my band the republic of desire

    if you're on try to find stuff from Fist Fuck Inc. that's my other band......

    I just quit this band a couple weeks back, but it's still has me playing on most of the songs.
  4. I guess that you could call us sort of a Psych Jam Band Deluxe. Been at it with the same lineup since 1974. Two vinyl LPs and a CD on Monster Records and a new indie CD on our own label. Mp3s of jams from the 70s, 90s and 00s at our web site

    Most of this stuff is pretty heavy, featuring long jams with big guitar solos by Terry Swope. We also go off on other tangents when the mood strikes, explore our roots. If you like the Beatles, we recently did a tune that is very Beatle influenced. It's called Ramona and you can download it from the site. It's not on any of our records, too new for that.


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