show off your custom profile colors!

Discussion in 'General' started by Palmer Eldritch, Aug 9, 2008.

  1. hey I was just on Chickens profile and it totally burned my eyes :p I didn't even realize you could pick your own color scheme until then. So with a little bit of work, I extended my Foobar2000 theme onto GC. Its too bad you can't apply the scheme for the entire forums...

    Everyone make their own and post it here!

  2. Here's mine :/
  3. Here's mine...

    EDITL: Appearantly I'm not great with screenshots, but it's Black, Red, Green, and Yellow

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  4. A little protip: You can enter in html colors if you don't want those standard bright colors on the palette. You'll need an app that can convert the colors from RGB though. any graphics program will work and I'm sure there are free apps on the net too.

    Not bad xcraighebert, a little bright for me at least, but well balanced.

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