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  1. Ive been wanting to post a thread seeing some peoples blunts and how they roll them. Im about to roll up one now so ill post a pic in a few of it... I always like to see peoples different styles and what not so let's see 'em.
  2. use the search button.
  3. well anyone who doesn't wana be a troll can post... Finished rolling it anyways.. here it is.

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  4. i tend not to like using green leaf cigars- game peach cigarellos and strawberry dutches are my all-time favorites, but through the years i've decided it's too unhealthy to smoke blunts, i try to stick to glass, vapes and j's.

    not to sound like an a-hole or anything but, most people that smoke blunts are quite ignorant pot-smokers
  5. Guy above me, yea lot of my friends who only really smoke blunts are cocky now that i put the pieces together.
  6. Can i ask how? i for one smoke blunts mostly and do not find myself to be an "ignorant pot-smoker." Could you elaborate?
  7. And that was a quite ignorant statement..
  8. im just saying i hate all these little pre-teen/high school kids who run around all "uh kid mad bluntz yo!"

    they get on my nerves soooooooooooooo bad, i don't mean to stereotype

  9. this.
  10. shut your mouth child and never speak again, log off
  11. I honestly think that people are born with the ability to roll blunts/joints, because no matter how hard I try, I always fuck them up.

    But I do shake alot, which probably has something to do with it.
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    blunt of sweet kush it was delicious
    this pic is out of my sweet kush thread.

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    I can dig what you're saying, though I do prefer glass, especially bongs, however sometimes a blunt hits the spot, like with a Strawberry Dutch, nothing beats the flavor of a nice blunt.

    To put your point into perspective check this dialogue I went through the other day.

    I was talking to this kid I made quick friends with, and I just asked him do you smoke pot? He doesn't but whatever, we talk about other shit.

    This other prick weezles into the conversation and was like 'yo I do, kidd.'

    Yea he actually said that. Anyway, he was like yea I smoked 2-3 blunts yesterday.

    I don't care how fucked up you get, you remember how much you smoke.
    And this peaked my interest, this kid couldn't have been more than 16. And I say: ya? What'd ya smoke? And he says skunk.

    I started laughing in his face because a gram of Skunk goes for 30 bucks. [in Boston]

    When you're forking over $30g, you are NOT rolling blunts. Period. Especially when blunts are typically 2 grams+.

    Sorry if this was long, but I agree with this guy.
  14. dude nice blunt and buds +rep
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    Well you did sterotype which wasnt appreciatied but im sure youve had bad experiences with some pricks that didnt know what the good herb is all about. Just know that some of us blunt smokers do know:smoke:

  16. your dumb and stop hanging out with little pre-teen/high school kids then.

  17. lol that's an easy solution.
  18. me and my buddies smoke a fat eighth blunt every wednesday
    its called Turd Wednesday
    i dont see whats wrong with that.. blunts get you mega ripped haha
  19. enjoyed this on 04/20/08:smoke: , it wasnt chronic though =[.

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