Show me what you got!!! A glass discussion

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  1. 20190413_021752.jpg What types of pieces do you all like to use? As you can see, I have a lot. Personally, I like pieces 20" or bigger. My daily driver is that white label TAG beaker in the back. Think it's 22". My girl just got a new Cheech Glass 8" dab rig, but she uses it for flower. It's a ROUGH hit. Neither of us are fans of harsh smoke (though I love joints and blunts).

    I do a YouTube channel where I review all sorts of smoking stuff and video games. Got a TheWeedTube, as well...if anyone is interested. M.A.D.PandaGaming on YT, The Ashington Post on TWT. I also have a Twitter, Insta and Facebook for gaming and smoking stuff. All three are Ashington Panda (or Ashington_Panda). I'd be happy to talk about or review any of the pieces in the pic.
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  2. I'm smoking via a cheap glass bong lol
    I don't fuck with expensive glass because I end up breaking them eventually:confused_2::laughing:
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  3. I feel that. It's always a worry. I'm pretty OCD and passionate about glass collecting so I am super meticulous about glass safety, knocking stuff over, setting it in places that aren't high traffic in our smoke room.
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  4. Nice collection, very nice indeed. I also have a bong collection, nothing over $100 USD all from DH gate.

    How big is that straight tube on the ground? Looks huge in the pic.

    They all look like they could do with a good soak in PBS, for an easy clean. :)
  5. The straight tube is the 33.5" 6 bucket perc bong from Thick Ass Glass. It's just 2.5" shy of 3 feet tall
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  6. Wow, thats a large bit of glass. It would take me three hits to clear it lol. One to prime it and two to clean it out.

    OOP's, error in my post above. I meant PBC (powerful brewery cleaner)
  7. It's an older pic. Most of them are freshly cleaned, except for that straight tube. It's a bitch to clean....and the main reason it barely gets used....which is kinda sad. I'm glad I got it on super discount (holiday discount plus some reward points).
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    Because it would be rude not to add pics after junking up your thread :) I included a very filthy dab rig. My fave's are the bigest one (20") and the little swiss perc dab rig.


    If anyone likes the look of these, PM me I'll send you a link to the product. (Im not a seller)
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  9. Btw, there's nothing wrong with DHGate stuff. I firmly believe that most headshops and online places buy "clean" pieces from China and put labels on them to resell them as "high end" pieces.
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    My Mobius pieces. Meso Matrix, 60t Stemless Shower-Matrix, Matrix downstem, Inverted Shower Ash Catcher, glass wand, some bowls... Nothing custom or fancy, but I love 'em. :bongin:

  11. You guys use those or just take pics of them? LOLOLOZZZZZ

    I like my bong like I like my wife, dirty :cop:

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