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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by reshtafa, Sep 10, 2002.

  1. what is the best way to get good fat buds?
    is it the seed , the buckets size , or ferts?
    im new to growing and (not for smoking) and after my first corp i know the best high is your high.
    i have much more info now but i need more couse i cant grow more then one ore 2 at the same time , and my first plant was 20 gr of pure goog THC high , but steel its not much .
  2. well if you find a diffrent strain you might get more bud, or better lights, theres a lot of shit you can do, you first have to explain the setup you got. And learn how to talk, your speach is kinda shady, i had to read it more than once, and thats waisting my time.
  3. i am new to growing , and i need info .
    my broblem (exept my speach) is the size of the buds,
    and the amount ( witch is small).
    so i need to know what is the main reason .
    the light?
    the seed?
    the size of the pots?
    somthing else?
  4. The strain of seed is the most important factor in obtaining good bud. Bag seed, borrowed seed....forget it. Buy a good quality seed and then you know exactly what you have and what the results should be.
    good luck.
  5. you said 20 grams??? well i get up to 600 - 900 grams of good bud on my plants... you need BIG MEDIUMS (growing pots) this will let your roots get big and strong and allow your plants to get big and strong.... THEN AFTER flowering when buds begin to form... water LESS this will increase the dryness of the plant forcing it to create more THC to help moisten thje plant.. what we all want... LIGHTING is also very important good lights = good harvest... the one and only sun is prolly the top source of sun light and CHEAP!!! lol good luck
  6. That is an amazing amount of pot to harvest off one plant, is that dry weight?kidding- are you living on the equator or something
  7. Outdoors average yield for me here in good old england is approx 400 gram, wished for more..........but no
  8. i just moved from my old house which had a 4 footer hydro plant outside that had red balls as buds that i stole from some dumbass that showed it to me but now that i moved my moms in prison and shit so how do i grow one from scratch??

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