Show-Me State Cannabis Legalization 2016/2017

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  1. Alright guys, I'm happy to be starting this form only because I have not seen another one on the matter with my state. As some, Many, or none of you may know medical marijuana legalization is on the ballot for Missouri in 2016 this coming November.

    This is great news for those of us who live in the state and also are looking for the legalization movement to come this way. I'm starting this page to gain a little bit more information from others around me on what's truly going on, because what I found on the internet seems to be very unreliable.

    Two days ago, in the country club park at the plaza there was a legalization rally and March that I was a part of. Seeing so many different genres of people, as well as so many people driving by honking and support of legalization is such a great thing. But we fell short of our needs for signatures in every District that was necessary.

    I've been working with several people whom I met at the rally and whom I knew also beforehand, and we have a few pages dedicated to the support and legalization movement of marijuana in Missouri.

    So as far as I know the ballot we are going to be voting for is for medicinal use only and it will have strict regulations but that's as far as I know. Anyone have any more insight? Here's a link to the support group and some pics of the rally.

    "SMOKE THE VOTE" Missouri public group | Facebook


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  2. We were gathering signatures for FULL RECREATIONAL use but the higher ups decided our signatures didn't fulfil the necessary district needs... sad to say, even though we had the numbers strong!

    It's looking like the mid-west is finally coming around and I'm so happy! We may not have beaches but MO is the way to go!

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  3. Yup it's you guys Florida and us in Arkansas is all I believe.. I could be wrong. We actually have 3 petitions going around lol rec use med use and hemp use. It Failed in 2012 by 48.whatever to. 52. Whatever... I firmly believe if we get enough sigs it's passing.

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  4. Anything new about Missouri legalization?

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