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Show-me Cannabis for Missouri!

Discussion in 'Marijuana News from The USA' started by NotoriousCheech, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Just a couple days ago i got news of something great! There is a good push going on for medicinal marijuana in Missouri! Its called the Show-Me Cannabis. This needs support to get to further on the initiative of getting medical cannabis on the 2012 ballot. I suggest everyone look into this volunteer all that you can!

    Show-Me Cannabis |

  2. damn no comments? no fellow people of MO showing love?

    damn... :eek:

    ill try to keep bumping to spread the word!!!
  3. I like this.. Unfortunately, I am not a resident but only attend college here. We will see what happens because I have heard MO campaigning this before... At least, maybe I can fidn someone that will pay for a card.
  4. Never been there but it's good progression.
  5. Just sent in my info. Might be collecting some signatures soon. Lets get the word out blades!
  6. I'll rep. for MO :wave:
  7. thats the spirit! :D
  8. im from missouri i occasionally visit the rallys that NORML STL holds, they sent invites over facebook.
  9. bout damn time here's a bump from another local, join there facebook group. Aanmelden | Facebook

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