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Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by mastercater, May 13, 2003.

  1. please show me an ounce of some weed im about to buy some so i want to know how much it is. oh ya please put a lighter to show scale.
  2. Invest $50-100 in a good digi. You'll be happy you did when someone trys to short you.... :)
  3. im getting 2 z's 2nite, ill weigh out an ounce and put it in a baggie and scan it if i can get my scanner working, if u can even get good scans of it like that

  4. just make the person who is selling it to you show you on a scale or use the forum search and look for a pic of an oz... there should be plenty.......
  5. ya as a matter of fact, there was a topic asking the same question- in this very forum! look like 4 pages back maybe..

  6. is where I buy my scales from...they ship them immediately, and the prices are very fair.

    Check it out, b/c it doesn't matter what a zip might look like, b/c you can't judge a bud's weight by looking at it. They can be deceiving from time to time.
  7. just tell the person who is selling it to you, to show you the wheight of it, before you pay him/her..... good luck :)!

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