Show Me A Picture Of Your BONG

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by detsl, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. hey i just got my digital camera working again and couldnt find a place to post this, so enjoy! Its name is Santos

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  2. I love Smoking device pictures. :)
  3. wow 47 thats a nice pipe, me likes!
  4. that's a really nice roller scorpio.

    what is a "Z"??
  5. nice

    that's a pretty good price too

    how long is it? how much does he sell those for?

    that's assuming that's not a custom scorpio job :p
  6. 47 . . . u live in the eastern part of us? if so Im me as Aaronv08 on AIM sometime i wouldnt mind buying one of those ;)
  7. 40 bucks for an ounce!?!??

    must be commercial...?

    am I missing something?
  8. You said it was an O of your favorite herb. We all assumed it was kb not cheap stuff.
  9. Schwag is still cannabis, which is still our favorite herb.
    Plus I'd by mersh for $40 an ounce anytime. $40 bucks for a zone of mersh... or $300-340 for a zone of dank bud.

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