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Show me a pic of your piece!

Discussion in 'Dry Pieces, Glass Spoon Pipes and Sherlocks' started by HIGHskool, Apr 15, 2003.

  1. UGODZILLA when will you be able to smoke out of it? Happy B-day!!!
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  2. I will pick it up this morning at the actual glass shop. I believe the blower said he had to keep it in the little kiln to let it do something. ..I forgot though.

    Can't wait to smoke out of it .
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  3. #3547 UGODZILLA, Nov 15, 2017
    Last edited: Nov 15, 2017
    Oh it's so nice!

    Hits like a champ too!
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  4. Awesome piece bro!
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  5. Thank you much!
  6. My new piece I bought on black Friday

    20171124_130208.jpg 20171124_130300.jpg 20171124_171029.jpg
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  7. 20171125_085013.jpg
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  8. IMG_20171220_144435.jpg This @FuMeSnIfFeR * @daydream_electroforming is definitely my favorite collab of the year.
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  9. Where did you find dispensary GC?!!! I need that in my life!
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  10. I bought this GreenCrack in Washington state. At a I502 retail store. The store is called Greenway Marijuana in Port Orchard.
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  11. This black leaf bong is my favorite to smoke pure hash or weed with the pipes I use sometimes when im not rolling a spliff or a joint =)

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  12. Finally got me some TAG Glass....

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  13. Looking really nice.
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  14. Does the enail fit on that?? Was it worth the extra money for the pretty painted on sticker???
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