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  1. Hello everybody,

    This is my second show! An I am super excited my first was a bit weak and was cut short before flowering because of ummmmmm oh yea POWDERY MILDEW, nasty nasty stuff!
    So this time I upgraded and graduated. My skills have evolved, as well as the equipment I am using.
    This show I have a built a 7x7 insulated room. I am using 2 8in Magnum XXXL reflectors. With 1000w light bulbs, and 1000w Lumatek Dimmable Ballast. For Veg I will be using 1000w Hortilux super blue MH lamps. And for Flowering I will be using 1000 Hortilux Delux HPS bulbs. Each light has an independent cooling system cooled by a Oracle 8in fan. The room is exhausted by another Oracle 8in fan, and fresh air is brought into the room with an 8in booster fan with a dust shroom mounted on to keep the intake air clean. All the ducting is super insulated 8in. The room temp and humidity are monitored and regulated with a Sentinel EVC2 controller. I have a hydroponic set up with a water chiller to keep the res. temp at 68 degrees. I started by germinating 10 seeds that I acquired and out of the ten 6 showed roots and out of the 6 that I put into rockwool 3 sprouted. The next 5 post will just be the pictures of the room build final set up and the first week of seedling growth.

    Enjoy Will update every 3 days if possible.:wave:
  2. here is the creation of the room. I built a frame then insulated the walls and added a door.

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  3. Then I added the goodies!

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  4. And my babies Started germination on the 6th of Aug, and then put them in the Rockwool on the 7th!:hello:

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  5. Here is the final set-up still have to organize a little.:rolleyes:

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  6. Nice set up. I'm on my second-sorta-attempt. My first grow got fuched up by the wife & had to be moved. I came out alright, split it with my buddy who took it. This time I'm fighting PM. I got a good demumidifier a few days ago & am doing a sulfur burn today. I'm about a week from flower.

    What strains? I love your set up & hope to move in that direction. Did you discover the PM late in bloom? Tough going in this heat, prolly skip the 2 hottests months next year. I'm a bit worried about the stretch, I'm running out of room. I also have a Magnum XXL.
  7. Nice, yea my first crop was also ruined by my wife. She put a powdery mildew ridden house plants in my room. An two weeks later my whole crop was like a flocked Christmas tree. I hope those two things work out.
    Actually I was doing a super crop and I was LSTing my plants. and was going to scrog. I had a lot of misconceptions about what to do. I learned a lot from my first show.
    Yea for the heat unless you can keep your space totally sealed and cooled to 75 and your humidity at 65. An my wife bless her heart bought me a Marijuana garden saver book. How bad is the problem?

    Check out my last grow -
  8. Meh, I think it's under control. I did a huge sulfur burn yesterday, I'll do another Thursday & the final Sunday. I lollipopped the shit out of them & most of it is gone. The Afgu has me a little worried, I'll be watching it closely. If all else fails I'll turn the whole crop into canna-oil, love that shit. I want to LST, but too much of a PITA untill the PM is sorted out. My Big Bud needs it bad, prolly tie the bitch down tomorrow. My grow is in my sig.

    So what you growin?
  9. The three seeds honestly they could be anything. I got them from some rubber tramps passing through Pacifica, CA. They claimed to be from Humboldt County, an I am sure the back story was fufu to the origin and name of the seeds. So we shall see. I am not completely sure at all what they might be I just hope the genetics are legit enough to give me some good bud. I am planning on building a veg only room to keep them nice and healthy. I don't know though yet what I really want to do. If I keep them as mamas I have to wait a month and three weeks to clone them. If I just grow them straight then I have to for sure LST and ScROG to make sure to get a good yield. An I am torn. I want to get some seeds offline and start those immediately then make them mamas but then I would need a huge ass veg room and I am sure my value bright reflector can really only cover 4-8 plants. in a 2-3 space and I do not want my plants to get PM again that was the problem I had last time. I just had them too close together and vegged them out for too long but mamas always vegging so I might have to wait until after summer. If another heat wave hits an humidity rockets I will be so torn. So I am trying to keep myself open to many options. What do you think?

    BTW nice set-up.... Dig it and you should be fine your plants don't look anything like mine and with all your doing to keep things clean you will come out on top.
  10. You asked what I think, so here goes. I think you're gambling. You have a considerable investment in equipment & time, why chance all that on questionable genetics? You are in Cali, are there any dispensaries within a couple hours? The desensaries around here sell clones from $10 to $25 for the super fufu.

    I go with my buddies stuff, he has about a half dozen strains. It makes such a huge difference. My first crop for example, I thought I had this huge White Widow (my favorite strain) it turned out to be Train Wreck which isn't bad at all, but still a bit of a disappointent. I'm amazed at how much different each plant smells, tastes, & the high are all distint even though they all grew together under the same light using the same nutes. Moby Dick is awesome, very understated smell & taste, but stoney as hell. My buddy also has some G13 that I really don't care for, I wouldn't be happy if I ended up with it, it doesn't work well for me. Problem with clones is that you import someone elses problems, PM, gnats, mites, ect.

    I got a couple dozen seeds from my last crop & can't wait to do my own thing from seed to smoke. I want to order some seeds online, but Christ, have you seen the obscene prices? Maybe after I get my aeroponic system dailed in, but that's a couple years away.

    So what I'm trying to say is that I would drive 4 hours if that's what it took to ensure good genetics & a strain(s) you can love. My next crop could be all Jack Herer because I got a bunch of healthy seeds from my first plant. If that's the case I'll be trading with my buddy cause I usually won't smoke a single strain unless it's White Widow. If your sure that whatever seeds you have will come out dank & you know you'll love it, then cool. If not, won't it be rolling around in the back of your mind for the next 2 months until you spark it? If you lived in Nebraska, I wouldn't be busting your balls, but come on Bro, you live of the left coast, the green belt of dank.
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    :cool:Hey what up grasscity. This is my belated weekely update new job been sooper busy but I am here I am back and am goning to be giving regular updates every week. usually thursday or friday!
    So while I have been gone. My little seedlings have become good sized sprouts. I started giving them there first round of nutrients. I am using a 27 gal res. With General Hydroponic expert recirculating feed system. I am maintaining a Ph in my Res of 5.8 before feedings. My Ph keeps jumping up to around 7 between feeds. I feed the plants 3 times a day once at 8a for 3min, again at 1p for 2min, and again at 7p for 2min, and I keep the water temp at 73 degrees by using a water chiller. and between those times the Ph is jumping signifigantly. An I have been having to use vinager to lower it PH down is not an option for me right now. I placed my babies in 6x6in rockwool cubes which i soaked in PH'd water at 5.8, and then put them into 3 gal buckets filled with hydroton. Pictures will be posted below --V
    Average room temp Day : 84 degrees
    Average room temp night: 80 degrees
    Average Rh day : 60
    average Rh night: 65
    Water: PH 5.8
    EC : 1403
    PPM : 703
    10 gal of water
    Micro: 25ml
    Grow: 25ml
    Bloom: 15ml
    Rapid start: 25ml
    Diamond: 50ml
    Plus: 10ml
    Flora Blend: 100ml
    Cal Mag: 6 tsp

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  12. An ummmmm I am in a very remote part of Cali. An I don't have many friends or a car right now. So the bag seeds going to have to do. I would just go get clones but i can't and I kinda am stocked up where I am at but there is no way I can leave until I am through. So I would but can't I am having some seeds shipped to me soon so I will make mothers and then get my own shitz so I am F-1 hybrid all the way.. until then making due with what i got. hows your grow going!
  13. That's cool, I had no idea you are isolated. My grow is taking off. I'm in flower & in the stretch. The PM is gone, my humidity is in the forties, the temps around here have cooled so I'm in the seventies. I had to tie a couple more down to keep them under the lights. I'll post an update later today. Things are looking up for my girls.

    Man, wish I could get away & isolate sometimes. Enjoy the silence.

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  14. Nice man. Looking really good! Super glad you got that PM taking care of I lost my first crop of Mendoo to that as I told you. So I am glad you knocked that out I will be following you to the end. Cannot wait to see how it turns out.

    An the isolation has been a awesome experience. There are not to many joys of life being alone but then again chilling with my plants all day is no problem!

    Everything still going good I hope?
  15. Hey Grasscity,

    This is my weekly update for week 3 of my show. An this is week 2 of my veg stage. This week has been a little rough. I waited to long to change my nutrients and let the water level get to low in my res. I forgot to fill it up after mid way! Will never do that again.
    Starting to has some issues. I was looking at my healthiest plant and it looked as if it was getting salt build up and it looks like nutrient lock out is starting to happen. I think now I might have a root rot issue instead from letting the water get to low, as well has having the Rockwool not far enough down in the hydroton. I pushed back the hydroton and noticed that There was a blackish brownish tint starting to happen. So I flushed the plants for two days and now am back to my aggressive feed schedule.

    Room temp avg: 84 degrees
    Rh room avg. : 57
    Water temp. : 72 degrees
    Micro: 100ml
    Grow: 75ml
    Blom: 25ml
    Rapid: 25ml
    Diamond: 100ml
    Plus: 10ml
    Blend: 100ml

    PPM: 1215
    EC: 2250
    PH: 5.8
    Watering 3 times a day for 5 min

    This is all on a General Hydroponic flora series
  16. What a drag Xandar. Are things getting better yet? Kinda why I'm gonna stick with soil for a little longer, plus I got a deal on 20 liters of Soil A&B. I need to do a lot of refining of my set up & buy good equipment before I go all aero. Things are doing better for me, I just started week 2 of flower. I'll post an update when I get back home. Pistols are springing everywhere.
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    Hello Grasscity,

    This has been an amazing week for growth. The plants are getting big very fast. And after the flush and clean of the root zone, and the aggressive week 2 nute schedule boom my girls are looking nice big and healthy. So root rot avoided, and the babies are looking healthy again. Now they are sustaining the ph themselves at around 5.8 to 6.1 so I know they are loving their environment. The only thing I am having a problem with is the room tempature which is making the plant leave ridges bulk and bulge but there is nothing I can do about the tempature until Friday. So I will update again next Monday. Hopefully everyone's Labor Day weekend was as epic as mine was!:wave: cannot post photos from IPad will post a little later when I get home!:eek::confused:

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  18. Dude yea everything is good. I should have known I had a problem when my PH levels kept rising constantly between feeds. It was my fault for not noticing rit away. But a two day flush with florakleen and then going straight back to an aggressive feed schedule made it all tip top. I will post photos for the magnificent growth I had over labor day weekend. Went out of state for a concert and when I got back EPIC growth occurred. How was yr harvest or did that happen yet. I don't think I have seen an update from you in awhile?:D:smoke:
  19. Love the set up, I hope after one or two tries to move on up to something like that :] Definitely sub'd looking forward to keeping up with your grow as mine goes on as well. I am on day 19 of veg, I think we are pretty close to one another :]
  20. You def can grow some good lookin tree homie. An thats a killer setup! Wasnt Tryin to fact drop anyone. But its always good to debate lol


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