Shoutout to all Towson University tokers!

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by xSnyDeR, Oct 2, 2010.

  1. yo im a daily toker at Towson University, interested to see how many other blades from Towson search the forums! Post here if u go to Towson!
  2. i dont go to towson, but bmoreeeeeeeee! stand up!
  3. bmore is wassssuuuuppppp my home town
  4. I'm at Towson and just started smoking again after a few years break..looking for any other smokers.
  5. I don't go there either but I wad working on a new parking garage there building on towsontown road. You guys can't smoke cigs anywhere on campus wtf? And there is a possible fine?
  6. Yeah the ban started last August. There is supposed to be people walking around in red jackets looking for people smoking on campus; apparently it's a $75 fine. But I haven't seen any of them in a few months.

    You in the Towson area?
  7. Bout an hour north

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