shout out to jagermeister

Discussion in 'General' started by plumface_2002, Apr 22, 2006.

  1. fuckin right.
  2. fuckin right doggie when i drink it is jager
  3. meh, its ok. JagerBombs are a pretty good mix, not my favorite but i won't turn it down
  4. i don't like jagermeister, it's too sweet. I prefer a good old fire whiskey myself (Fighting Cock Bourbon Whisky 103 proof).
  5. i like my whiskey's to be 80 proof-90 proof range

    that way i can drink it and still enjoy it without raping my throat

    i will take whiskey over anything tho. a nice Jim n Coke and i am set to go
  6. it goes down so good tastes like liquorish
  7. nothin like the gold man
  8. Jagerbombs are alright, Not a big drinker myself though.
  9. +rep for loving the cock as much as i do
  10. lol, yeh, those things last me a while though, as whenever I get drunk on them, I ALWAYS feel sick the next day no matter what, lol.
  11. yeah i get sick when i swallow too much cock too (HAHAHAHAHAHAHA)

    but seriously that stuff kicks my ass
  12. fighting cock is good for the proof and all.

    but try jameson's whisky. nothing special its 86 proof. but i seriously think there is something inherently evil in the distilleries that produce that liquor.

    i get so twisted off of jamesons and a walking bar fight waiting to explode. good thing i enjoy a good fight.
  13. Liquid Cocain....Try this out fellas.

    1/4 jager
    1/4 goldschlager
    1/4 peppermint schnapps (100 proof)
    1/4 bacardi 151...

    mix them all together..pour shots, taste like candy, get fucked up....

    Oh yeah...I think we added all the proofs up once an it came to 360proof all together....We were drunk so i dont know what the fuck really happened...
  14. haha holy shit +rep for that incredible recipe for disaster
  15. haha that sounds good as shit, im going to have to give that a try.

    jager is like the only hard alch i can drink alot of and not get horrible gutrot.
  16. Jager Is Where Its At Plum
  17. i call jager deers blood and boy that blood messes me up
  18. there is not substitute for a good jim n coke,i agree with you 100%
  19. oh buddy, jager has beaten the shit out of me many times.

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