Shout out to Illinois

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Yon Yonson, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. Sups guys ^_^
  2. what up you in chicagoland or where at??

    dead center of IL right here, heart of il!!
  3. I be located west of Chicago in a small ass town called St. Charles <-- sick bar scene
  4. southern illinois here round mt.vernon
  5. hey guys, happy tokings from chicago :smoke:
  6. I grew up in stc...I agree the bar scene is sickening...where once was a beautiful old town filled with antique shops now stands a disgusting breeding ground for alchoholic yuppies...

    many was just sad to see the town change...

    anyways...still (back for now) in illinois...further west than stc now...decent folk and heavy herbs:bongin:
  7. welcome to the city
  8. Holy shit i live in STC (or used to now) did you go to high school there?
  9. IL here too but much further south
  10. City dweller here. I've been to St. Charles before, had a few friends who lived there. Rich ass neighborhood ;)

    Welcome to the forums!

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