Shout out to ballsy stoners

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  1. Hey GC,

    Just wanna say what's up to all the other stoners out there not afraid to burn one in public. It's 12:30am here and I just smoked two bowls in public, seeing a total of 4 cops and 1 rabbit. I was unable to count the amount of pedestrians (lol). I was in 4 locations, but I saw all of the cops at only one of them.

    So lets here some similar burning in public stories.

    By the way, the rabbit thing was real. I was chilling in my fourth place finishing the last of my second bowl when I kept thinking I heard footsteps extremely close. I looked a few times, then gave up. I heard the noise again, so I looked back, and sure enough, right underneath a nearby bush is this little bitch rabbit, taunting me!

  2. this isnt ballsyjus xtremely dumb! i was at thepark on cinco de mayo. oursmall town always hasa party at the citypark. i seen 9 out of 9 ofmy dealers there 6g's bought almexican but thereall pretty close friendsso any wayi blazedup in a bigassvan hella hotboxwit my uncle my fam ismexican 2. so my famreally enjoys there heritageso i smoked upwit my fam at thepark then across thestreet is anudapark full of little kids ndparents smoked 2 bowlsand wasbeyondparanoid andstartedrunnin wen i saw parents cumn.hah
  3. sorry 4 not spacin
  4. wtf my story made no sense. hahah. wtf
  5. once i rolled in the washroom of a police HQ where i was getting a criminal reference check for my job..

    then i blazed it outside infront of the place ;)
  6. You want balls. I blew a cloud out my window on a 2 way street with a cop coming the other direction, just before our open windows met so that even if I didn't puff it right in her face, she'd get a wiff from the trail of smoke.

    That's balls. Man I was fucked up on xanax that day. The dumb shit you'll do on xannies ay?
  7. There's a difference between "ballsy" and "really dumb and irresponsible." Getting a drug charge can really fuck your life up, so why add the risk of toking where everyone can see you? No one is impressed that you smoke in public and definitely won't be when you're getting hauled off to jail
  8. I know the risk, but obviously know my safety as well. It's late, people aren't staring at me, and from far away you can barely tell I'm hitting a pipe.

    Besides, you're preachin' to the choir man. I usually roll joints but haven't found a place around here that sells papers :/
  9. :confused_2:
  10. ya dude my story is dumb. hahahah. o well dude
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    Yeah I could be ballsy if I want,but Im wanting to get into a medical field for my career and dont wanna fuck it up,its already hard enough,last thing I would need is a weed charge following me.

    And they sell papers at every gas station here,so unless its different where you're at,dunno why you cant find any.:confused_2:

  12. dude youre just a sketchy newb.
  13. Have you checked the gas stations
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    Wow, and your just a sketchy idiot theres nothing cool about getting put on probation or thrown in jail and fucking up your life. So I guess I must be the ultimate newb for being smarter than you.
  15. Man, fuck being ballsy. It's all fun and games until you get nabbed. I used to be like that, but now I either toke far in the woods, in my house or someone else's, or eat an edible.

    However, since I am in Amsterdam, my paranoia feeling is all but gone. This place rocks.

  16. 1. I was making a joke based on his user name

    2. name calling is against the rules
  17. Oh, in that case my sincerest apologies I've since edited my post.
  18. I've smoked weed in areas I probably shouldn't have before, but one quick tale is of blazing it up with some other people just by a bank, smoking a joint. If you weren't close-up, you probably couldn't even tell we were smoking. From a distance it just looks like you're talking or chilling or whatever as long as you're not geeking out and giggling.

    One cool experience that could be considered "public" is all of the times I've smoked at concerts and little shows. At a Mars Volta (band in my avatar) show in Irvine, I brought in a little glass pipe and some dank herb. Before the band came on, there's just music playing over the P.A or whatever, and you have breathing space. The band plays "Fistful of Dollars" over the PA before they come on, so as soon this spaghetti-western type theme comes, I pull out my pipe and start to take a drag. I am probably 60 feet back from the stage.

    The house lights go on and I am puffing away, when suddenly the crowd rushes forward towards the stage, and everyone can see me with my lighter, so then I realize what's going on. I then went running towards the band while smoking some dank out of my pipe, ending up some 25 feet back from the stage. It was cool, but it felt weird smoking openly with around 2000 people surrounding me. A ton of them were smoking too. Seriously, you couldn't look in front or in back of you without seeing someone blazing.
    Cool experience overall though. A fun night.

  19. No problem.
  20. The rabbit was undercover. You're lucky you made it out alive

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