Should've stayed home.. arrest story.

Discussion in 'General' started by geetardude, Aug 19, 2007.

  1. Hey,

    Last night it was another saturday night of beers. I was waiting for one of my best friends and her boyfriend to get done fishing somewhere out in the country. She said she would call me, but it was like 11pm, and figured she bailed on me. I decided to take a couple beers and go to a friend's house, but he wasn't home. So, I went over to the graveyard that was right next to the trailer park I was in. Jumped the fence to see my buddy's grave. She called me while I was in there, and told her where I was and to call when she was in the area. As I was finishing up, and headed out, there she was at the entrance. I guess she had called 3 times, but I didnt notice my cell going off. Her boyfriend went in, to try to find me, so we went back to regroup and headed out. Across the street are the grain elevators, where his truck was parked. I guess they had been drinking since like 7pm that day. She's only 19 by the way. Anyway, so we were just fucking around, drinking a few beers. I only got to 1 1/2 of his, before a sheriff and a town cop car pulled up. Fuck! I'm about 13 beers deep, so I forgot about the whole grain elevator being private property thing. He had a 9 mm in his truck unloaded but had ammo in the case where the gun was stored. She admitted to drinking, and was promptly arrested. So, now we're both stuck here talking to these cops about who's going to jail for contribution to a minor, and he didn't want to fess up, and neither did I considering I'm not guilty. They also asked if he had anything, he had his pocket knife and I told them I had my pocket knife. I'm not sure if it was illegal or not, but I gave it to them, anyway. I told them that it wasn't me, because I'd been drinking long before at home. They said they wanted me to go to the police station and fill out a statement, to which I obliged. I didnt put anything about him buying her alcohol, but there was alcohol obviously, because they could fucking see it. No one ended up going to jail, which was awesome. I wish I would've never left though, then we could have just drank at my house. It just sucks all hell seeing one of my best friends, someone I really care about, being handcuffed and probably getting fucking probation!! I'm just glad they weren't dickhead cops. I didn't even get patted down or anything, so that felt a little weird. It just feels like I'm responsible, and I just fucked her life up for the next year, although she doesn't blame me, but still.
  2. She made the decision to drink in a place that is not safe from the police while underage, its her fault.
  3. Yea, this is why I drink at people's houses, and then I stay there, getting arrested for a DUI is a big fucking deal here.
  4. Don't blame yourself man you didn't supply it to them. Your innocent.
  5. No offense man, but you need to split up your thoughts better.

    Looking at a huge block of unorganized text is daunting and deters me from reading most of your posts. I think you would have more readers and repliers if you organized your thoughts a little better.

  6. Yeah, I really need to work on that. I just type without thinking of actual paragraphs. My bad.
  7. Shit happens, dawg

    Nothing you could have done to know cops were gunna show up. Its not like you called the cops on them or anything, right?
  8. i dont no the laws around IL, but where im at when u get an underage its just a fine and u lose ur licence for 3 mo. so she may not get probation
  9. i wonder who called the boys on you?

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