shouldn't they be here by now?

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  1. so i ordered seeds from the attitude on 5-3-10. According to the order info it arrived in New York on 5-6-10. I live in the south eastern U.S. dont you think it sould've gotten here by now? i mean it takes 3 days to get it across an ocean and now its been 8 days to get it down the east coast? just wondering and getting a little worried. if anyone has experience, how long does it usually take for the attitude liver your goods?

    also should i worry about it getting intercepted/ taken yet?
  2. Don't sweat it man. I ordered with Attiude the exact same day you did, and it came into NY on the 6th as well, and I just got my package yesterday. The reason it's taking a little longer in NY is because all international orders come in through NY, and it's making its way through customs. Give it a little while longer, you'll get your stuff any day now.
  3. start to worry after about 3 weeks .. I have had orders from the 'Tude take 6 days..the last one, the 4/20 special got here on the 6th of May, and there are other here on these boards whos orders have been out almost 3 weeks, before recieving

  4. Thanks guys. So it looks like im pretty much on schedule :hello:. This was my first time ordering seeds and I had no idea and was starting to get a little nervous.

    if you dont mind me askin, where in general tems are you located? like- south east, mid west, new england, gulf coast....Thanks just tryin to get an idea on how soon they'll be here.
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    Oregon coast.

    why do you not check your "order status"

    the Brits always let you know about hand off to the US ..but well the USPS is not always good at letting us know where it is in the states, till it hits your mail box. I have had orders that they tell me "they have sent it on to Me" ..ones that say "we are waiting for it to get to us" , until it is delivered....

    mainly shows the lack of uniformity with the USPS.. shit if they do this with pay checks I would go postal too.. ;)

    but I would bet by mid week you will be looking at new seeds and sprouts by next Sun.

  6. patience my young padawan. your seeds will be here shortly:D
  7. Don't worry bout attitude they will take care of ya man. I ordered for the 420 special, didn't even add the t-shirt or mug to my cart cause I was just ordering the free seeds. Got my seeds then a week later I got the shirt and mug I was completely suprised that they chose to send them anyways.
  8. THEY CAME TODAY!!!! :hello::hello::hello:was very excited to find the envalope in the mailbox today. thanks for the responses guys.:smoking:
  9. teach me to go all Nostradamus, and predict something :eek::smoking:.... good deal, hope all goes well.
  10. hahahaha yep thanks man
  11. first time orders from attitude take longer than the second time you purchase from em.

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