Shouldnt be alive...

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  1. So yesterday i made and ate 4 firecrackers and chilled for a couple hours. Than me and a few friends took out our snowmobiles and went joy riding around our area for a few hours and i came within 3 feet of smoking a big ass deer that jumped out from the woods by us. After all that me and my friend are going home in his explorer and we hit a patch of ice and went into a 6 ft ditch and damn near flipped than spun around 180 degrees. Called AAA and got it towed after the police arrived. But almost hitting that deer and us almost flipping like that scarred the living hell outta me.

  2. i have no idea what firecrackers are but im glad that no one was hurt including the deer lol.... was the car fucked up bad or what?
  3. its a peanut butter cracker with weed in the center
  4. so does the op mean he was gonna actually take a a bong rip of an animal or was that 'slang'
  5. uhhh, hitting it? and if you hit a deer, your fucked. Your either gonna die, or come out of it alive but with a ton of shit broken, and if your alive you got a fucked up car to deal with. Hit a moose, your dead.
  6. Once when I was on HWY 69 going to our camp spot my father almost hit a moose. Instead we spun around it and a Truck coming the other way hit it. The guy's front end got smashed and the car was undrivable, but the guy made it out with only scratches and bruises. Lucky because if there was someone in the passenger the hoofs woulda went in their face.
  7. crazy. once i was going down a stretch of road at about 90 and a deer hopped out. had i made a poor decision and tried going around him the other way, there would have been a bad accident. i consider myself lucky as you should, rather than thinking you shouldnt be alive :rolleyes:
  8. Thats pretty trip dude.

    You're pretty lucky though man, good to hear nothing bad happened.

    Be happy you're alive and can still smoke sweet mary jane. :smoking:
  9. big - d
  10. Yeah man, you really shouldn't be alive...:rolleyes:
  11. hes right you know
  12. Same thing happened to me, careened off a cliff. Was 6 at the time, don't remember if I was high.
  13. man one time on I64 my sis hit a baby deer and me and my now horrible friend carried it all the way across the traumitized by it :eek:
  14. fire cracks are the bomb. glad to hear your ok. toobad about ur mates ride though
  15. haha man. Glad to hear your okay... Be more carefull? haha. Bad luck Id think.

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