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Should your dealer deliver?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jkb6566, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. IM willing to pay gas money
  2. Yah, they should. But they don't HAVE to. Personally I prefer going to their house to pick up because I don't want to hotbox my own street and address.
  3. depends on how far you live
  4. Some dealers are good like that and will come to you, I've had some like that in the past.
    Most of the time I'll have to go and meet them.
    Depending on how much your buying I think they should deliver though, kind of like a minimum order from a take away lol
  5. i always go pick up. never even asked if they deliver
  6. Like Big bud says it really depends on the amount. Don't ask a dealer to deliver a gram 10 miles.
  7. I have had dealers who delivered before, or delivered some of the time "hey i'm in your area, want me to come drop this off real quick" type of thing.

    Most of my dealers I've always went to their place. Right now my dealer lives about 20 minutes away so I wouldn't expect him to deliver to me.
    It would be nice, and I'm sure if I had a dealer who delivered all the time it would spoil me and I'd always deliveries from then on. But I dont have a problem going to my guys house, and it's not a big issue for me.
  8. Helps you not by getting pulled over with bud. But you dont want your connect to get busted either.

  9. It depends of amount and how far you are. Personally my guy delivers since it's relatively close by.
  10. My old dealer used to before he got arrested. He didnt want anyone knowing where he lived.
    My current dealer will most of the time. Sometimes we gotta go pick him up.
  11. no but if they do the standard price of gas money to pay them is 5 bucks even if they drive like 2 miles to you, which is really dumb.

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