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Should you tell a girl your a virgin?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by YipKong, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. hey now i didnt make this thread to get made fun of... anyways i really didnt try to even talk to girls until like i graduated HS just didnt wanna put up with it or something. Anyways im 20 and am a virgin. I know i can get with this one girl ive been hanging out with but should i tell im a virgin or just do it? Please no flaming I know its not "cool" to be a virgin at 20 but i hope people can hold back those post.
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    Yes, tell her you're a virgin if you are at the point that you are actually going to have sex right then. Never before then. Good luck man!

    Oh and don't get nervous before the sticky and blurt it out.... Be calm, tell her what's up. And if you think you might get lucky with her, definitely beat it an hour or so before.
  3. i would imagine it would make her think u like her more if u told her. because you are choosing to lose it with her? idk really:p
  4. Yeah dude tell her. It's your first time so you're not gonna be a pro and if she's awesome and understanding, she'll help you out
  5. from my experience (20 and virgin) if you tell a girl you're a virgin you won't get much play

    just go for it brah
  6. I mean, on the other hand, if this is someone you're going to be friends with, tell her. You don't wana freak her out

    but if its some random bitch? no way
  7. Yeah man, tell her.
    She'll take care of you real nice ;)

    Virgins are so much fun.
  8. My first had no idea she was until like 3 years later, then she was just like "damn, really? but you knew exactly what you were doing!" haha. But it is definitely an honor to be someone's first, so not only will she feel special but she'll make it real fun for ya and not have ultra-high expectations. I mean I'm not trying to jinx you or anything, but most guys don't perform their best the first time. Girls, on the other hand, are definitely best the first time ;) unless it hurts too much to enjoy. Do you happen to know if she's a virgin too?
  9. ^^ dam, right from the masters mouth!
  10. Who told you it's not cool to be a virgin at 20? I'd imagine most people would see it as a turn-on if you told them you were.
  11. Dude just be honest and straight up, nothing wrong with being a virgin, hands down.

    When I was still a virgin this much older girl was really into me, we smoked together a lot, but never alone.

    Once she knew I was a virgin she was "excited" to show me the tricks of the trade etc.

    Pretty much fucked the shit outta me everyway possible and I was in heaven.

  12. Idk..this one really depends on the girl. She might already know actually...just by..knowing. Honestly, for me it's kind of a turn-off and I'd rather just have the guy do it. Like pretend for a moment you're not a virgin and just go for it. Then maybe after say something (like what professorspoon said) but like I said, depends, she could like your virginness more. If you're planning on being in a relationship with her then I'd tell her.
  13. are you guys European or something? wtf
  14. I think its better to tell her your a virgin and be bad your first time, rather then act like your a pro and be bad. Chicks will understand, and probably will find it a turn on. I know if a chick i was into told me she was a virgin, i would be like FUCK YEAH!
  15. Always be honest. She'll respect you more for it and you'll be alot more comfortable once it's out in the open.

    But wait until the moment strikes. :D

    I, for one, do not like to take someone's virginity. I feel like such a horrible person... like I've corrupted them. LOL.

  16. Same. Especially if I plan on not staying with them. Then I feel bad and like..uh...so this isn't going to be a reg thing ya know..

  17. I, also, don't want a clinger. ;)

    I'm such an awful person.
  18. Exactly, I feel ya.

    So...OP- if you guys are planning on being in a relationship and dating and shiz then yeah tell her, if not...don't tell her.
  19. alright thanks for the replies. She leaves for college in like under a month which is like a hour and a half from where i am so i doubt it would end up in a relationship. Guess ill play it by the moment and if anything not say anything until right before or whatever and see what happens.

    And as one person asked, i know she is not a virgin but hasn't had sex in a few months but other than that I don't really know anything for sure.
  20. I like to tell them I am, just to supriese them :devious::ey:

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