Should you spank your dogs as part of training?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by dreambaby, Dec 1, 2016.

  1. Anyone up for DEBATE?

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  2. I'm not seein' the debate.

    However, usually it is useful for training as a sign of disapproval...Treat for sitting, swat for jumping...If they don't stop jumping, fuck the rules and roll around with 'em.:coolalt:
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  3. Thanks for you're insight anyhow

  4. I've done a few dog training classes and they had me pinch the neck gently for discipline, never spanking.
    A mother will nip at the pups neck to teach it limits.
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  5. Thank you for teaching me this method

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  6. You can't always reason verbally with dogs in my experience. Some physical sign of disapproval is necessary when dealing with pack animals that exist in a hierarchical society. So yeah, smack em around a bit but never in the face or head.. go for the neck or hindquarters and don't hit hard like you would a stepchild.
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  7. Thats how i train all my bitches

    Jokes aside, idk i have never had a dog but i might tap their hind end a bit

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  8. I honestly discipline them how I feel is right.

  9. Spank your monkey....not your dogs...
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  10. My male shep sneaks over to the park to mark his spot .
    I don't like it and afraid he will get hit by a car.
    Some times when I call him he takes his sweet time coming home .
    When he does this I make sure he knows I am mad, sometimes I will swat him with my ball cap .
    Never to hurt him .
  11. Nope, haha real hippies are pacifists. U all r posers

    In all seriousness, I do not hit, spray water, yell or use any methods like those.
    I use positive reinforcement with my dog, a chow chow and schipperke mix. Chows are pretty hard dogs to keep. I've trained him to be off leash and let my little sisters poke, pull, and climb over him using positive reinforcement. From my opinion, dogs who have 'behavioral' issues usually are not taken for walks enough, are not shown enough love, and/or do not have a clear pack/boundaries.

    A dog is a huge responsibility and so many people do not understand the mind of a dog when they adopt one. They have the mind of a toddler, and more importantly the attention span of one. I've found with children positive reinforcement is the best way to teach them how to behave. I have 9 little sisters and had to take care of them all growing up.

    Dogs should be nurtured in the same way that small children should be.

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