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Should you only just blaze with really trusted people?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by fridgestar, May 12, 2011.

  1. So I recently found that i got shorted and lied to about a strain of weed by a guy I knew since grade 5 and have been "friends" with, in addition to paying for a session that I never knew that I was the one who actually paid for (from him shorting my bag) whilst him acting all high and mighty about the free session and the count in my bag. In the session, everyone got 3 bowls except for me who got two. I scaled it at home since I have a scale for times like this, and knew I was shorted. Was very pissed off, especially because I have smoked him up on high quality kush twice before and because the weed was a bag of reggies that I can't even get high off because i use a MFLB and until recently have been vaping white widow in it, which even then requires more than just a hit to get me happily high, so vaping mids to get high is not fun, especially when theres no crystals at all. Should I just only blaze with people that I get to know sober first, or do you think that this is just one of those bad apples and generally pot smokers aren't like this? And, before you say anything about the guy getting the count wrong by accident, the likelihood of that is low. Guy has done some pretty douchy things to me in the past and I think I understand what hes getting at, he'll do soemthing that he can deny later on if you find out. Ex: has stolen my GOOD BRAND NEW PS2 controllers as a kid and left his shitty 4 year ps2 controllers (was high as fuck at the time and couldn't care less) and acted as if he doesn't know where it is and just not giving it back. Kinda turned into a rant, but main question is: Should I just only blaze with people that I get to know sober first, or do you think that this is just one of those bad apples and generally pot smokers aren't like this?
  2. I'm gonna answer with this... It's better to be alone then in bad company.

    Friend's aren't suppose to steal your shit or take advantage of you. If they do, find new friends.

    ANSWER TO QUESTION: The kids you know are bad apples. They're very few people who you can trust in life. A lot of people have a hidden agenda and everyone is always playing their own angle. With this in mind, never trust anyone.
  3. He just seems like a douche, keep your guard up more from now on but don't assume all stoners are like that.
  4. Don't rely on people you don't know. Only get weed through middlemen who don't dip the bag too much (it's a given that they will a bit and you'll have to try different people, but finding someone nice shouldn't be too hard for you with scales) or go to the dealer yourself. Same situation with the dealer: if they keep screwing you over then try someone else. Compare and contrast and then decide who you're going to stick with. Then make friends with that guy in order to get better deals.

    Sorry, turned into quite a lecture for newbies. Anyway, feel free to blaze with whoever. I've met loads of nice people that I wouldn't otherwise from smoking around. However, get your weed from people you trust (unlike the kid who stole your PS2 controllers and has fucked you over in the past).
  5. gah, i really hope i find a 420 friendly gf that isnt a psycho bitch like my last one. i think im just gonna tell everyone that I stopped smoking and just grab from my dealer in the town of my university, nicest pothead (asian to boot) ive met so far, gives the most proper counts I've seen so far.

  6. That's the ticket. Buy in bulk and in advance from someone who gives you fair deals. Most reliable way of not getting screwed over.

  7. Pot smokers don't all act generally the same. Just because people smoke weed doesn't mean they all think and act in unison -
    that being said, that guy sounds like a douche who took advantage of you.
  8. Sigh, I used to have a really good set of friends that we'd just blaze and chill, and it was more focused on chilling (different set of friends than guy before). One of them came out to be a pretty big douchebag, agreeing to have a session and then saying he's not home and then telling us that he cant come a hour later when we have to actually call him to find out all this whilst me and the other friend patiently waited for him to get home and can hear his friends in the background, (he only goes out with friends to blaze so we're pretty sure hes high). it seems like although weed isnt addicting, the effects of it are, and you pretty much have your life revolve around weed if you get used to it enough. kindof happy that I learnt this right now, thanks for the advice guys, gonna keep toking but in moderation.

  9. inb4 shitstorm
  10. or. maybe his scales wrong. i didnt read that shit at the top. too time consuming
  11. Never hang around untrustworthy people, let alone blaze with them.

  12. my general opinion, anyone can argue it I guess. Maybe its not true, but this is what I observed based on my own personal experiences. I became pretty addicted to pot at one point, I'd tell myself "I'm not addicted, I'm only smoking because theres nothing better to do." This was at the point where I smoked every night during exam week in university and studied the day of the exam. It technically did not interfere with my life at that point because I ended up with a scholarship at the end of the year for hitting a A- average overall (I only crammed before exams and skim read the textbook). I had about a half ounce that I all smoked before I finished all my exams. Theres a fine line between addiction and doing it because you have free time and want to relax.
  13. Live your life, have fun, then learn lessons from the consequences. You can't only hang around people you trust, because then you'll never meet anyone new. And meeting new people, getting new friends, is one of the most exciting aspects of life.

    If somebody's ripping you off, demand recompense and stop buying from them. If they don't compensate you, beat the fuck out of them, take whats yours (plus a little extra for your "efforts"), then stop buying from them.

    You can't only hang around people you already know. You'll never get anywhere if you aren't adventurous enough to try new things, meet new people. You just have to be able to learn from your mistakes. Decide who's worth your time and who isn't, and don't allow yourself to get ripped off without going back and taking what you deserve.

  14. ^ this about sums up the thread in one post.

    trust me OP its best to smoke in solitude rather than have people fuk u over for their own personal gain.

    With MJ i say its hit or miss but a fair majority WOULD pinch ur shit if they felt they could get away with it. its happened to me too. like when i first moved to the area im at now i didnt know a "friend" said, "i know a guy that sells some good bud but he dont like dealing to new people he doesnt know" so he tells me he'll get it for me...we go nearby. i gave him the $ and he comes out with the bud.

    its short (dont need a scale to tell either) but i did promise to smoke him up before we went to go get the bud as a thanks for the hookup.

    this only lasted like 3 times then i stopped going with him cuz one day i actually met the dealer and he was selling to me directly and it was not always ON point but it was OVER. everytime. i was getting 4.2-4.3 8ths but when i was going w/ my "Friend" i was getting 3.0 8ths...

    so this little ****** was pinching my bud even AFTER he knew i was gonna smoke with him for free for the hookup. so he was probably laughing his ass off on the inside knowing that i pretty much bought an 8th and split it 50/50 with him.

    its just crap like this that irritates you...

    i say smoke alone if people are pinching ur buds or you come across a "friend" that turns into a broke "beggar" who's always asking you to smoke them up. tell them to get their own because the price of mj is WAYYY to high to let any of it go for free to those who dont deserve it. im all about sharing with the right people but this isnt one of those people you should share with
  15. addiction isn't when you do it everyday. Addiction is when you rely on a substance to get through the day to feel "normal", and if you don't use the substance your whole mood changes. I was recently on a 7 month binge with pills. Glad that im over that hump in life. Addiction isn't a pretty thing.
  16. sigh, most my friends turned into broke beggars who just try to get a free session in every time. guess i joined the wrong social circle in high school. fml, summer is going to suck.
  17. you can't just say that people can't get addicted to marijuana though. I mean theres addiction to online gambling out there whilst there is no actual euphoria or w/e happens inside your body with weed in the way that gambling does. being an online poker player myself, (been playing since I was 15) I can't see how people can get addicted to poker, yet it happens. Could you easily say that someone smoking pot for 3 years every single day is not in one bit addicted to weed because there is no addictive chemicals in it?
  18. i smell highschool.
  19. Maybe it's just me, but I've never worried about being shorted or letting someone smoke my weed. If I feel generous, I'll invite anyone over to smoke with me (as long as it's obvious they aren't a cop). If you're smoking too much of my bud, I'll tell you, otherwise, enjoy the smoke, brother.

    We humans are lucky to have this plant to make the terrifying meaninglessness of existence a little better.
  20. You call that a friend? :rolleyes:

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